11 Times BTS’s V Was The Most Hilarious Person On Earth

Whether he’s pulling pranks or just being innocent, BTS‘s V is bound to make ARMYs crack up with his hilarious antics. Check out some of his funniest moments below that will always make us laugh!

1. The infamous room prank

Everyone needs to watch this at least once!

2. When he was caught in 4K

Try not to laugh!

3. This iconic moment when everyone was wheezing

To this day, we still don’t know the backstory.

4. When he’s at awards shows

Expect the chaos to come out.

5. When he was ready to throw hands

Poor V!

6. When he tweeted and deleted this

Luckily, the internet is forever!

7. This moment from “Bon Voyage”

Every one just went along with him.

8. Jimin’s white lie

This is too cute!

9. When tipsy Suga did this

He had no idea.


10. When V almost lost his sock and his sanity

He was scared for his life!


11. When the zombie caught him and he did this

He’s so precious!

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