5 Animagus In Harry Potter, Ranked By Size

Being an Animagus is a skill that only a select few proficient witches and wizards in Harry Potter have mastered.
In Harry Potter, it takes a lot of skill, concentration, and willpower to become an Animagus. Although there isn’t a specific rule against it, the Ministry expects aspiring Animagi to register with the Improper Use of Magic Office so that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement can keep an eye on them.
Similar to animals, Animagi exist in various forms, including insects, mammals, birds, and reptiles. There aren’t many Animagi around because most modern magic users find the technique drew out and needlessly complex. Only after the next lightning storm can the Animagus Potion be drunk because it contains rare components like Mandrake leaves and Death’s-head Hawk Moth cocoons.

Rita Skeeter’s Beetle Is No Larger Than A Shirt Button

Rita Skeeter is a legendary Daily Prophet journalist well-known for her “enchantingly caustic” articles, interviews, and op-ed pieces. Rita is famous throughout the Wizarding World. She dabbles in serious reporting on occasion, as evidenced by her coverage of the First Wizarding War and the ensuing Death Eater Trials. On the other hand, Rita spends most of her time practicing tabloid journalism, sensationalizing some versions of the news while censoring others.

After The Goblet of Fire, Hermione Granger discovers Rita Skeeter’s secret when she spots the journalist spying around the Hospital Wing as a tiny insect. Rita seems to have become an unregistered Animagus to listen in on whatever juicy news was going around at the time. Her entire body contracts to a size comparable to a beetle, making her no bigger than a shirt button. Rita can avoid most sorts of detection thanks to her Animagus, but it also makes her more susceptible to attack. Hermione gradually and effectively silences Rita’s poison pen as the Ministry applies a severe fine for being unregistered.

Peter Pettigrew’s Rat Is Around 16 Inches Long And Weighs Approximately 14 Ounces

One of the most underappreciated characters in Harry Potter is undoubtedly Peter Pettigrew. His fellow Death Eaters often make fun of him and don’t even take him seriously. Pettigrew is a weak wizard, according to Minerva McGonagall and Lord Voldemort, who have low expectations for him. He’s involved in creating the Marauder’s Map, a highly complex magical creation, suggesting that he might not be as simple-minded as he seems.
Pettigrew is significantly more intelligent than most individuals in the Wizarding World because he successfully creates Voldemort’s Body Regeneration Potion. As a result, it is no surprise that Pettigrew deceives the Ministry of Magic and aids in Voldemort’s resurrection. Pettigrew’s rat-like traits are due to his nearly twelve years living in relative safety as an Animagus rat. From nose to tail, Scabbers the rat measures around 16 inches and weighs about 14 ounces.

Minerva McGonagall’s Silver Tabby Cat Is Identical To Others Of The Same Breed, Albeit With Spectacle Markings

Although Minera McGonagall decided to focus her academic career on the study of transfiguration, there is no denying that she is knowledgeable about almost all areas of magic. She chooses a feline Animagus because she has a strong personal bond with silver tabby cats. McGonagall’s connection to this specific animal extends to her Patronus, who is unmistakably feline.

When she is only seventeen, she learns how to turn herself into an Animagus, with Dumbledore watching from a distance. The Transfiguration Professor is the only official Animagus in Harry Potter, illustrating her adherence to political echelons and formal procedures. The only difference between McGonagall’s silver tabby and other breed members is that she has “spectacle marks around her eyes.”

Sirius Black’s Dog Is One Of The Largest Animagi In Harry Potter

Remus Lupin describes Sirius’ decision to turn into an Animagus, noting that if done improperly, the “transformation can go tragically wrong.” Because Sirius is a binary star system situated in the Canis Major constellation and is consequently known as the “Dog Star,” it stands to reason that Animagus chose a dog for his mascot.

Although Sirius’ Animagus is often kind and friendly, his protective instincts can occasionally cause him to become a dangerous threat. He is referred to in the books as “a gigantic black dog,” which is consistent with how he appears in the movie series. It’s interesting how Sirius’ unregistered status enables him to trick the Dementor guards and escape Azkaban. Sirius is more significant than every known Animagus except one, even if his exact size is unknown.

James Potter’s Stag Was At Least 6 Feet Tall And Weighed Over 400 Pounds

Deer are a reoccurring theme in Harry Potter and are connected to Severus Snape and James and Lily Potter. James’ closest friends affectionately referred to him as Prongs in honor of his stag’s spectacular antlers. James’ wand, according to Ollivander, was made for Transfiguration magic, which may have let him accomplish his Animagus objectives more quickly than average.

Every month, under the full moon, Sirius, Pettigrew, and James transformed into their Animagi and “sneaked out of the castle under [the] Invisibility Cloak.” Moreover, Lupin said, “Sirius and James turned into such enormous creatures that they were able to restrain a werewolf.” At least six feet long and weighing around 400 pounds, James’ red stag was enormous.

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