10 Harry Potter Quotes That Prove He Is The Best Wizard

Harry is not just the primary wizard in the series, but he may also be the best, as evidenced by his actions and statements.

The title character of the Harry Potter trilogy is one of pop culture’s most famous characters, and with each rewatch of the series, Potterheads are reminded of their genius. Harry is not just the primary wizard in the series, but he may also be the best, as evidenced not only by his acts but also by his speech.

When Harry discusses the similarities and differences between Hogwarts and real life,

“You have no idea what it’s like.”

The fact that Harry had ultimately encountered the danger and menace of the outside world, of black magic, of pure evil sets Harry distinct from every one of his student contemporaries (until The Deathly Hallows).

He offers a speech to the soon-to-be Dumbledore’s Army that instills terror in them while encouraging them to join the struggle. It’s difficult to deny that Harry is the best magician of his generation based only on experience.

When Harry Wants To Give Dobby The Proper Burial,

“I’d like to bury him properly, without using any magic.”

Dobby’s death is one of the most devastating and goosebump-inducing scenes in the Harry Potter films, as well as one of Harry’s most sympathetic moments, as he decides to bury Dobby by hand, without the use of magic.

It may seem strange to use Harry’s example not using magic to claim that he is the most OK wizard. Still, it serves to emphasize Harry’s loyalty, care, and respect for all of his friends and individuals from all walks of life, including a house Elf whom many despise.

When Harry Inspires the Army of Dumbledore

“If they can do it, why can’t we?” says the narrator.

In The Order of the Phoenix, audiences get to experience Harry’s brilliance as a teacher and leader when he leads Dumbledore’s Army and gives a bevy of inspirational teachings to his pals, including this.

He explains to everyone that all of the great wizards began as students and may all achieve their goals. Harry’s leadership and devotion, as well as his advanced talent in actually teaching pupils his age, create a strong argument for him being Hogwarts’ top wizard.

When Harry and Sirius are saved.

“Expecto Patronum!” says the narrator.

Character statements don’t always have to be messages or shows of knowledge; instead, they should embody the moment they appear, which is why “Expecto Patronum” is such a great Harry Potter quote.

When Harry refuses to kill people

“I’m not going to push people out of my way just because they’re in my way. Voldemort is in charge of this.”

Throughout Harry Potter, Harry shows a reluctance to kill people, even his adversaries. This humanism distinguishes him from Voldemort and demonstrates that he is one of the best individuals in the Wizarding World.

This phrase is from the book. It is a retort to Lupin’s criticism of Harry’s continuous usage of Expelliarmus when fighting Death Eaters, a good but not highly effective assault spell. This statement encapsulates why Harry is such a brilliant hero for the franchise, demonstrating his kindness and morality while also displaying his Gryffindor trait of tenacity.

Draco Malfoy’s Rejection by Harry Potter

“Thank you, and I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself.”

While not flawless, Harry always had a strong sense of morality and was a genuinely decent person, never passing unjustified judgment on others. That is a fantastic thing for everyone to have, including witches and wizards, demonstrated here.

Harry responds to Draco’s scathing depiction of Ron and his family with this famous passage from The Philosopher’s Stone, establishing his rivalry with Draco and demonstrating his heroic side on a more intimate level.

When Harry feels sorry for Voldemort

“You’re the incompetent one. I’m sorry for you since you’ll never know love or friendship.”

Voldemort’s possession of Harry is one of the terrifying scenes in The Order Of The Phoenix. That leads to one of Harry’s most powerful inner strength and goodness displays.

When Harry Sacrifices Everything

“I’m ready to pass away.”

Accepting death is a difficult place to arrive at in life. Dumbledore was another wizard who got end when the time came, but doing so at Harry’s age was genuinely remarkable and noble.

One of the saddest in the tale, this speech is spoken into Harry’s Golden Snitch, which, fortunately, provided him with the Resurrection Stone. Harry would have gone through with it even if he had never received the stone; he would have stayed dead so that his friends and family might win and survive.

When Harry Explains What’s Important to Dumbledore’s Army

“It’s important to work hard, but there’s something even more important: believing in yourself.”

If you just listened to Harry’s lessons to Dumbledore’s Army, you’d believe he was much older and wiser than an average 15-year-old. Unfortunately, that is what makes his ability to teach so impressively.

That is one of many tidbits he delivers to his friends/students, instilling in them the importance of confidence, not arrogance, and self-belief achieved through hard work. Harry already understands the significance of these things. His passing on of these lessons is analogous to that of pop culture’s great sage teachers, albeit this time from an emotionally troubled adolescent.

When Harry informs his friends of their advantage over Voldemort

“We have something worth fighting for that Voldemort doesn’t have.”

Voldemort is a wizard with an unhealthy obsession with power. His objectives include ruling the Wizarding World, living indefinitely, and becoming the greatest wizard of all time. So much more is at stake for Harry.

Harry is battling for the good of his allies and the Wizarding World as a whole. Harry does not seek fame or power for himself but rather for the safety and happiness of others; he cares about it. He tells his buddies this as they prepare to leave for the summer after their fifth year.

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