10 Inconsistencies in HIMYM That Fans Did NOT Notice

Fans of How I Met Your Mother grew to love, hate, and notice a slew of continuity errors throughout nine seasons. However, not every fan caught a few continuity mistakes, so here are ten of them.

Robin & Team Sports

In the first season episode, “Slutty Pumpkin,” Robin claims that she has always been a loner and has never participated in team sports as a child or as an adult. Later, this was disproved.

Betty Or Maureen?

After getting rid of her cute five dogs in season two, Robin tells Ted that she and her aunts moved to a farm upstate run by Robin’s aunt and that her aunts now live in “friend” Betty. Robin is completely unaware that the two are together.

Barney’s Naked Cooking

Throughout How I Met Your Mother, Barney remains a mystery and is prone to deception. So that could be the cause of the continuity error, but it seems unlikely.

No Family At Marshall And Lily’s Wedding

Early in the first season, viewers are introduced to Marshall’s family. Marshall and Lily marry after a season and a half of courtship. Marshall, on the other hand, is not with his family.

Mickey Paying For The Wedding

In Season 2, Lily responds to Marshall and Lily’s wedding by saying that her father will not be paying for a second wedding. However, we learn some harsh truths about her father later on.

Marshall & Winking

Following Marshall’s father’s tragic death, the gang becomes gentle with him, sparing him of any jabs. In “Legendaddy,” this reaches a boiling point when Marshall demands criticism. He is then bombarded.

The Age Of Stella’s Daughter

Ted has several love interests throughout the show, but Stella Zinman is one of the most serious. Ted met Stella’s young daughter, Lucy, while they were engaged and almost married.

Where Did Barney Lose His Virginity?

Barney is a notorious womanizer, so it came as a shock when it was revealed that he lose his wife at the age of 23 to a woman twenty years his senior. When Barney tells the story, it appears to be a less-than-loving encounter.

The Blitz & Madden 2K1

Steve Henry, Ted and Marshall’s college friend, was cursed with the Blitz. It meant that something spectacular happened every time he left. This occurs in a flashback scene where Blitz and the gang left McLarens, and extraordinary things happen.

Playstation 2

Several hilarious flashbacks to Ted and Marshall’s college days are sprinkled throughout the show. In the 3 season episode, “How I Met Everyone Else,” there’s a flashback like this.

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