12 Small Details That You Only Notice Rewatching Friends

12. Ross’s bachelor party balloons are condoms that have been blown up.

David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who made Friends, had talked a lot about how hard it was to add more adult content to the show when NBC wanted to keep it as “family-friendly” as possible.

11. Rachel Has A Fraudulent Passport

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is going through passport control on her way to Paris in the middle of Friends’ final episode, “The Last One,” a two-parter. She hands her passport to an airline worker.

10. Joey did buy some Boddington’s beer.

In the 5th season’s second episode, “The One with All the Kissing,” the Friends talk about their trip to London for Ross’s disastrous wedding, and Joey talks about the Boddington’s beer they drank there.

9. Ross wears a shirt that says “Friends” in American Sign Language

The episode “The One with the Tea Leaves” in the eighth season pays attention to Ross’s T-shirt in the first scene at Central Perk. The design has a secret message.

8. The Widescreen Netflix release has stand-ins that can be seen.

Fans were happy when Netflix got the rights to Friends and made HD widescreen transfers, but what they didn’t expect was that the widescreen presentation included things that weren’t thought of for the original 4:3 TV broadcast.

7. Phoebe’s brother makes a surprise appearance.

Giovanni Ribisi played Phoebe’s half-brother Frank Jr. in a memorable recurring role on Friends. You might not believe it, but Ribisi was an extra in one episode before he got the part of Frank.

6. Ross and Monica’s parents wear the same clothes in their anniversary picture as they did on their wedding day.

“The One in Massapequa,” the eighth season’s “The One,” is about Ross and Monica’s parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. In one brief scene, Ross and Monica’s parents are standing next to their anniversary picture, and for some reason, they’re both wearing the same clothes.

5. An extra from Central Perk sips her coffee

Extras’ only real job is to look natural and not stand out too much, so when someone noticed this strange extra’s behavior in season 6’s “The One Where Paul’s the Man,” it quickly went viral.

4. Joey’s Pin Number Is His Name

In the first scene of “The One in Vegas,” the two-part season five finale, Joey calls Phoebe and asks her to help him find the PIN for his ATM card, which he has forgotten.

3. When Ross takes Marcel to the airport, he wears a banana lapel pin.

Ross’s pet capuchin monkey Marcel was a big part of the first season of Friends. In the last episode of that season, “The One with the Ball,” Ross reluctantly agrees to send Marcel to the San Diego Zoo so he can have a better life.

2. The dessert at Central Perk is a potato

This strange visual detail in the classic season four episode “The One with Chandler in a Box” doesn’t make much sense, whether it’s an Easter egg or a mistake in setting up the set. More likely, it’s an Easter egg.

1. The statue of Joshua’s parents has red eyes that look creepy

In the 4th season episode, “The One with Rachel’s New Dress,” when Rachel and her boyfriend Joshua are at his parents’ house, there is a bizarre joke.

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