Friends: 10 Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes

Chandler and Rachel’s repeated first-time meetings stand out like a sore thumb, but more minor things, like how the door numbers to their apartments change, might not be as apparent to people who only watch the show occasionally. The real question is whether any of these supposed mistakes have been fixed. They are often-mentioned plot holes in Friends that seem strange but make sense in terms of the show’s continuity.

Monica’s Apartment

A casual viewer of Friends would probably roll their eyes at the idea of a person in their mid to late twenties being able to afford a lovely, big apartment like Monica Geller’s. Still, “The One With the Flashback” and “The One With the Ballroom Dancing” talk about this situation several times, even though it seems impossible.

The Goose and the Chicken

Chandler and Joey had a cute pair of pets called the chick and the duck. After season 6, the two feathered friends were no longer seen on the show (though they did get brief references by other characters a few times afterward.)

Chandler & Rachel

Fans of Friends might think Chandler Bing and Rachel Green are meeting for the first time. And over again is a giant plot hole, but it turns out it’s not as big as it seems. In the show’s commentary, creator Kevin Bright explains that this isn’t a mistake but a sign of how Chandler and Rachel’s bodies are changing.

The Sofa

How likely would someone always get their favorite seat at the local coffee shop? Fans have said that this plot hole doesn’t make sense because the Central Perk was a popular place, and it’s unlikely that a comfortable couch and coffee table would stay open almost every time the friends went there.

The Apartment of Phoebe

Phoebe Buffay lives in the same apartment for the show’s whole run, just like her friend Monica. So how did Phoebe pay for her New York apartment, which looked nice? Phoebe is a masseuse, and it’s known that her work isn’t always steady. So how did she pay for her apartment?

The best thing she had ever

Throughout the series, it’s a running joke that Chandler and Joey, who live together, are sexually opposites. Joey is supposed to be the hot one who gets all the girls and is good in bed. On the other hand, Chandler is supposed to be the funny guy who is awkward and has no idea what women want. Rachel brings up what Monica said about her secret boyfriend being the best sex she’s ever had when he and Monica start dating secretly.

Ross’s Sensitivity

Ross mistreats Sandy in the season 9 episode “The One with the Male Nanny,” In the end, he tries to get him fired as Emma’s nanny because he thinks Sandy is too sensitive and not manly enough.

Frank Jr.

Some Friends fans think Frank Jr.’s early appearance (when he was called “Condom Boy”) is a plot hole. But it’s not really what people think it is. People see actor Giovanni Ribisi for the first time in the second season episode “The One with the Baby on the Bus.” When he briefly shows up to get the condom. He dropped in Phoebe’s guitar case by accident.


In the 6th season episode, “The One with Ross’ Denial,” Phoebe tells Ross that she has a roommate named Denise. No one has ever heard of it it, even though Phoebe says she always talks about Denise. Some of her fans even wondered if she was real.


Throughout the series, the goofy actor never seemed to have trouble finding a date. And in the later seasons, it seemed like he had a lot of options. He also seemed to have decided that he wanted more than just casual dating. So why was the end of his story so unclear?

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