Friends: 10 Times Monica & Chandler Should Have Gotten Divorced

Monica and Chandler are universally considered the perfect couple from the hit NBC sitcom Friends. They looked at each other in London for their dream wedding for the first time. There are no hiccups in this relationship, unlike Ross and Rachel’s, and it always appears to be much more stable, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Nevertheless, even Monica and Chandler have bad days and times when things just aren’t working out, even though they stick together and battle through it on the show. There are specific moments when they might have been better off going through a divorce.

This Time, Chandler Is Back To Smoking

Chandler has an on-and-off relationship with smoking throughout the series of Friends. He sometimes smokes a lot, but then he doesn’t for a long time. However, when Chandler and Monica are trying to start a family, he gets back into smoking.

Unwise Post-Wedding Choices

Monica and Chandler’s big day was ruined by a freak accident that happened right afterward, and it’s possible that they could have divorced right away. To make matters worse, Ross and Chandler show up at a different wedding, pretending to retake all of the photos that Chandler had missed.

Monica’s Secret Wardrobe

Even though everyone knows Monica is meticulous about keeping her apartment spotless, even she needs a place to stash her belongings. That place is the closed closet in her apartment. Despite this, Chandler wants her to open it and discover what is inside.

Monica’s Maid Services

As a couple, Monica and Chandler decide to hire a cleaning service to help them keep their apartment clean. In the end, it only highlights Monica’s most squeaky-clean side.

Things That Go Wrong At Chandler’S Company

In the end, Chandler has no choice but to be friendly with Doug because he is the one who pays his salary. His unlikability is evident when Monica mocks him, and the reason for her dislike is simple: He’s not a nice guy.

New Man Introduced by Phoebe

Phoebe introduces a new man to the group, who happens to be a foodie, at a time when Chandler questions the existence of soulmates. As a result, he and Monica form a strong bond because of their shared love of Monica’s cooking style.

He almost quits the wedding before it even begins.

It is possible that Chandler and Monica’s marriage could have been damaged by this issue, even though it occurred before their wedding. Chandler becomes highly anxious about making the commitment pre-wedding, which nearly causes him to walk away.

Facing Celebrity Encounters

While it’s lovely to be awed by a celebrity, Monica arguably takes things to the next level when she meets one at Joey’s party. Monica gets an actor to sign her bra, although some viewers may see this as innocent flirting.

The Expensive Boots of Monica

There are times when people want to treat themselves. And for Monica Geller, those times are spent on a pair of boots. Chandler expresses his disapproval of the situation openly, but she goes ahead and buys the items anyway.

Getting A Job In Tulsa

Chandler’s job in Tulsa is the most significant strain on Monica and Chandler’s relationship. Couples who search for themselves in a long-distance relationship have difficulty coping with the situation and are most likely to divorce.

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