Friends: The Worst Thing To Happen To Every Major Couple

Friends had ten seasons, and each was full of laughter, joy, and sometimes sadness. The main characters’ love lives were just as crucial to the show as their friendship, leading to some of the most memorable cliffhangers and storylines.

These couples were in some of the most memorable episodes of Friends. During the show’s 236 episodes, these couples went through many ups and downs, such as failed weddings, infidelity, and misunderstandings. This gave fans a lot of iconic TV moments to watch. Still, in the end, some of them were able to work things out…

Even though Benjamin ruined his Grant interview, Charlie dumped Ross.

In season 9, Charlie shows up and changes how the friends work together immediately. Even though she has nothing in common with Joey, she starts dating him. They make it work for a while. But it was her relationship with Ross that made her shine.

Rachel Hiring Tag

The romance between Tag and Rachel was a little awkward and caused some problems. Before they start dating, she does some creepy things, like smelling his clothes and making it hard for him to date. Even when they are together, she still misbehaves, which is especially strange since she is her boss.

Ross Calling her by Name

In season 4, Ross’s life is turned upside down when Emily shows up. The two start a fast-paced relationship that ends with a quick wedding in London. Ross, however, is known to have said Rachel’s name at the altar, which caused a scandal. Emily is distraught by what happens, and even though she and Ross try to save their relationship, they fail and end up splitting up.

David Leaving For Minsk

Most of Phoebe’s weird ex-boyfriends only show up for one Friends episode. But David is her first serious love interest. He is a scientist who is clumsy and a little bit awkward, but she falls in love with him quickly.

Richard and Monica both have different plans for the future.

Richard was a good match for Monica in many ways. He is wise, experienced, and sure of himself, and she is swept off her feet by him. Despite all odds, they are still together, and Monica says he is everything she has ever wanted.

Mike & Phoebe’s Different Life Plans

Phoebe and Mike are very different, but they find ways to get along because they want to be together. Phoebe has a few minor relationships during Friends, but her most important ones are with David and Mike. This turns out to be her best match, and in season 10, they get married.

Ross & Rachel Were On A Break!

The most famous thing about Friends was when Rachel asked Ross to take a break, and he cheated on her with a girl from the copy shop. This bad thing happened long ago, but it still hurt their relationship. But she still liked to bring it up every once in a while.

Monica, Chandler, and What Happened to Richard

The most real couple in Friends was Monica and Chandler. Most of the time, there wasn’t much drama in their relationship because they understood and helped each other through everything. They had problems, but they always found a way to work through them.

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