Friends: Why Ross & Emily Was A Better Story Than Ross & Rachel

Ross and Rachel’s “meant to be” story runs through the series, making them the most famous couple in Friends. However, Ross and Emily’s story was much better. Emily Waltham was the English niece of Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) boss. Helen Baxendale played her. She met Ross (David Schwimmer) when Rachel begged him to take Emily to the opera so she could go out with Joshua (Tate Donovan), who was only her boyfriend for a short time.

Ross and Emily started dating in Friends season 4, and they fell in love quickly. They decided to marry in London, where Ross famously said Rachel’s name at the ceremony because David Schwimmer got Rachel and Emily’s names mixed up. After this mistake, Emily stays in hiding for all of season 5, but she agrees to go back to New York and try to make things right with Ross as long as he doesn’t see Rachel anymore. Ross and Rachel had been dating on and off up to this point, and Rachel was on her way to the wedding to tell Ross she loved him.

He and Emily’s relationship moved quickly and ended quickly when Emily decided she couldn’t trust him. Still, the story was better than Ross and Rachel’s. He and Rachel’s relationship was very toxic throughout the show, and they almost didn’t end up together. On the other hand, he and Emily’s relationship was very balanced and loving, even though every step happened quickly. Emily got very jealous when Ross called Rachel by the wrong name, which was understandable. However, she made it clear that she didn’t trust him at this point, and if he hadn’t called Rachel by the wrong name, the marriage probably would have gone well.

He fell in love with Emily before he fell in love with Rachel. He and Rachel broke up again when he didn’t read the 18-page letter she gave him (front and back) in season 4, episode 1, “The One with the Jellyfish.” He and Rachel never really dealt with their problems, like Ross sleeping with someone during their “break.” Instead, they just ignored them. These problems later caused more trouble, like when Rachel wrote him a letter. Ross and Rachel were always jealous of each other and tried to mess with their lives. In season 3, episode 25, “The One at the Beach,” Rachel shaved Bonnie’s (Christine Taylor) head. In the same season, Ross sends Rachel many gifts and cards for her new dream job. He was claiming his territory because he was jealous of her co-worker Mark (Steven Eckholdt).

This was never a problem for he and Emily. Emily immediately ended her jealous thoughts by telling him that she only wanted him and not her old boyfriend, Colin. Emily was willing to give Ross another chance after he embarrassed her in front of everyone at their wedding. She didn’t want to add another divorce to Ross’s long list. So she was ready to move from London to New York for him.

In the same way, he changed for the better after he met Emily. He did everything he could to give Emily her dream wedding in London. Ross was easygoing and spontaneous with her, like when their first date ended up in Vermont and he proposed with an earring. He even hurt himself badly playing Rugby so he could be more involved in her interests.

He and Rachel got together because he was crazy about her in high school. Their relationship is more based on his dream of a perfect life than on a strong bond. He and Emily’s marriage went wrong, but they could have had a great one if Ross hadn’t made a mistake. He and Emily would have been an excellent way for Ross to get over his childhood feelings for Rachel. And their love story on Friends would have been much better than Ross and Rachel’s.

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