HIMYF just Had It’s First HIMYM Cameo and We Love it


Afterward, The Captain and Becky made their first appearances in How I Met Your Father, episode 9. Cobie Smulders returned as Robin Scherbatsky for a short cameo in the spinoff. HIMYF’s Robin Scherbatsky cameo saves the spinoff by proving that the show will work even if it doesn’t have a connection to the original. As Robin and Sophie sit in MacLaren’s Pub, they talk about the good old days for hours. They notice that their big romances with Ted and Jesse have a lot in common.

When How I Met Your Father season 1 came out, it didn’t get many positive reviews. The show has since grown into itself as it stands on its own two feet without connecting to the original show. The Captain, Becky, and Robin’s big cameos may seem like fan service at first. But they’re great ways to connect the two shows in the real world. You can’t help but see these characters in this spinoff/sequel show. Because it takes place in a city that’s the same one. However, the cameos from How I Met Your Father serve a purpose in the story of Future Sophie. Because they connect Sophie’s romantic problems to Robin Scherbatsky’s HIMYM problems.

People who watch How I Met Your Father know how Robin’s story will end in 8 years. The finale of HIMYM featured flashbacks from 2013 to 2030 that explained what happened to the show’s main characters. Future Ted’s story said that Robin, who was divorced from Barney in 2016, started to drift away from the group in 2020 because she still had feelings for Ted. After Tracy died, her journalism career took off. In 2030, she and Ted got back together thanks to Ted’s kids, six years after Tracy died. When How I Met Your Father cameoed in the season 1 finale of HIMYM, Robin didn’t have any information about her life in 2022. This leaves a gap in her timeline, making both Sophie’s story and the controversial ending of HIMYM look better.

Robin’s HIMYF Cameo With Sophie Explained

Before she goes to MacLaren’s Pub for the first time, Sophie fights with Jesse about him saying “I love you” too quickly to her. She orders a drink from Carl the Bartender. When Robin Scherbatsky contains whiskey, she talks to Sophie about her problems with Jesse and how she wants to go back together with him. Sophie knows right away that Robin is a world-famous journalist. She even said that her favorite story was Robin’s bullfighting career in Spain, from a deleted HIMYM season 9 finale scene. To think about the past, Robin always goes to the bar. Robin and Sophie are sitting next to each other in the old wooden booth that was there before.

Afterward, Sophie explains that she doesn’t like Jesse from How I Met Your Father. Robin remembers that a guy said he loved her on their first date, which makes Sophie think he must have been a piece of work. Robin then smiles and says, “a good piece of work.” He tells Sophie that she shouldn’t break up with Jesse because she’s afraid he’s moving too quickly. Her only regrets are about what she didn’t do because she was worried. This connects to how she regrets not being with Ted sooner because she was afraid he would move too quickly. Sophie then goes back upstairs while Robin leaves MacLaren’s to go out to eat with Katie Couric and leave MacLaren’s to meet with Katie.

Robin’s HIMYF Cameo Makes HIMYM’s Ending Better

Many people thought that Barney would be the first character from HIMYM to show up in How I Met Your Father. Robin was the best choice because she was one of the only characters who could make the original ending better. Many people were angry because season 9 was about building up Robin and Barney’s marriage and making Tracy and Ted the perfect couple.

Some people thought that Ted still had feelings for Robin even though he was with Tracy. This was all put to rest by a cut scene from the end of HIMYM. Ted and Robin had lunch together in 2020, and Robin said that she often wonders “what if” about their relationship. Ted told her that he is pleased with Tracy and their kids, so he doesn’t think about “what if.”

Robin’s appearance also shows that she had grown a lot as a person when she was away from the group. She tells Sophie that one of her biggest regrets was not being with Ted because she was frightened of what would happen. Robin was in love with Ted from the time she and Barney split up until the time she and Ted got together in HIMYM’s future 2030 timeline. She didn’t act on it because he was so happy at the time.

Timing is the one thing that Robin says gets in the way of romances the most. During Robin’s appearance on How I Met Your Father, she gives more information about her state of mind in 2022. Robin didn’t want to spend her time watching Ted and Tracy live happily together while she wished it were her. Instead, she drifted away from the group, just like how Ted would move to Chicago after she and Barney married.

It makes more sense for HIMYM’s ending to make sense when you know how Robin felt about it. When HIMYM came to an end, many people didn’t like it because the mother was revealed to have died six years earlier. And the show showed Ted pursuing Robin right after he finished his story. Ted and the kids had six years to deal with the death of Tracy. But the viewers only had a few seconds. As time goes on, fans have had enough time to grieve Tracy. And understand that Ted and Robin getting together six years after her death makes sense. He didn’t like Robin all the time while he was married.

How Robin Saved The Spinoff of HIMYF.


In the end, Robin’s appearance on How I Met Your Father was short but very important. It helps solve problems with the show’s finale. But it also makes Sophie and Jesse’s relationship more meaningful because it has a lot in common with Ted and Robin. When Robin made a cameo, many people were happy. Because it brought back some of the characters from How I Met Your Father.

Many people thought that the modern spinoff of How I Met Your Father would have to rely too much on connections to HIMYM to be a success. Robin’s cameo shows that it only needs to do so in small amounts. Because of this, HIMYF shows that the spinoff can be its own thing. When Robin comes on, she officially shows how Sophie and Jesse are similar to Robin and Ted. That’s all a HIMYM cameo needs to make sense without seeming out of place.

Even if people aren’t interested in How I Met Your Father’s new take on Ted’s story. Robin’s cameo is still an excellent way to get them to watch. Robin’s appearance adds essential details to HIMYM’s ending, making it even better. However, Robin’s cameo in How I Met Your Father makes the spinoff better because it shows that it’s a show. Despite Robin’s impressive cameo. How I Met Your Father still made sure that viewers were most interested in Sophie’s story when she came on.

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