How I Met Your Mother: 10 Greatest Betrayals, Ranked

In the mid-2000s, How I Met Your Mother became a pop culture phenomenon as one of the most entertaining, fresh sitcoms of the time. But while the TV show was incredibly popular and still continues to be enjoyed by new fans thanks to streaming platforms, some aspects of the show have not aged quite so well.

10.Robin Shunning Marshall From His Bar

In the season 4 episode “Little Minnesota,” Robin is down in the dumps, so Marshall brings her to his secret Minnesota sports bar., the Walleye Saloon, which he visits whenever he is feeling homesick or blue.

9.The Slaps

What started out as an innocent bet turned into something verging on cruelty. Granted, the slaps were one of the most hilarious pieces of continuity throughout the show and there were definitely a lot of them, but it seemed Marshall was becoming a little too enthusiastic in doling them out.

8.Lily’s Debt

Lily and Marshall kept a lot of secrets from one another. From when they were deep into their relationship to even after they were married, communication really wasn’t the couple’s strong suit. However, they managed to persevere in the toughest of times to be the show’s best pairing.

7.Barney’s Proposal

Overall, Barney and Robin’s relationship was questionable at best. When it finally came for Barney to pop the question in season 8, he came up with a master plan.

6.Barney And Robin’s Romance

While they supposedly get Ted’s blessing, it still seems like a major betrayal of their friendship and trust that Robin and Barney would choose to date one another.

5.Barney Cheating On Nora

One of the flaws of the show and something the writers always had to be wary of is that Barney can come across as a detestable character considering his actions towards women. His storyline with Nora was one of those occasions.

4.Ted’s Treatment Of Victoria

In terms of relationship betrayals, though, Ted might actually have Barney beat. Victoria was a character briefly introduced in season 1, with whom Ted thought he shared a connection. She would later return and Ted felt like they had to be together.

3.Marshall Lying To Lily

The lying goes both ways in this “happy couple” as Marshall hides a massive secret from Lily for quite some time. His dream job of becoming a judge is within his grasp, but it means moving and upending their life, which Lily refuses to do.

2.Lily Leaving Marshall

Looking back on her life, Lily probably wouldn’t be too proud of how she treated Marshall. Claiming she needed to find herself, the start of season 2 showed Marshall really struggling over the breakup of their relationship. It was difficult for fans of the character to watch.

1.The Show To The Fans

After so many seasons building up Ted finally meeting “the mother,” it seemed almost criminal that it would pivot at the last moment. With the death of Ted’s wife, it was revealed that he had been telling his kids the story of how they met so that he could get back together with Robin.


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