The Real Reason Josh Radnor Wanted to Leave ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Making a name in television can change a career, though, at the same time, it can be a bit of a detriment, as fans struggle to see the person as a different character.

That was the case for a lot of the cast on ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The show ran for almost a decade, airing over 200 episodes. To this day, fans continue to binge-watch the show religiously.

As it turns out, some of the cast wanted to shed that label off sooner rather than later.

Josh Radnor was among those who were eager for a fresh new start, immersed into something completely different. He did exactly that, leading to fans believing he went off the map.

We’ll take a look at what he’s doing these days and if he’s still in the acting field.

He Wanted To Move On From ‘How I Met Your Mother’

For a lot of actors, it is all about exploring different things and not being typecast in a certain role. Especially for Josh Radnor, he wanted to avoid that stigma. He made mention alongside Smashing Interviews that he’d rather hold off on a role than agree to one similar to ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

“I pass on any role that feels like the other role on How I Met Your Mother. I would rather work a little bit less and do things that feel different. When I’m not working, I throw myself into music or write, and I’ve written a couple of plays. I’m not super desperate to work as an actor all the time. It has to feel right because I do so many things.”

Radnor appreciates the devoted fan base, who continues to binge-watch the show religiously. However, he is moving on from the role, “But I’m an actor. I’m a special actor that’s theater trained. I’ve got to keep moving. So they can watch that show as much as they want, and I’m delighted that they are. It’s a great show, and I’m happy to be part of it, and it changed my life. But now I’m doing different stuff.”

Since then, he has made several changes to his career. One of them in particular drove him further away from the TV and into a different stratosphere.

Finding A New Passion Outside Of Acting

Little did fans know, but the real-life Ted had a big passion for music off the set. In fact, he got into the acting space specifically because of music and his love for musicals.

“I first started to write songs together about six years ago. But then I look back. I was in a summer theater when I was in grad school, and there was a guy who was a great guitar player and songwriter, and we wrote seven songs together. I wrote all the lyrics, and he wrote all the music.”

“Then when I was like in the 4thgrade, I was writing songs with my friend Jeremy. So when I look back, it’s always kind of been there. I got into acting for musicals. So I’ve always sung. My life has been saturated in music.”

Josh admits he should’ve taken the path a long time ago. He believed that just because he wasn’t immersed into the field at a young age, it would be an uphill battle but clearly, that hasn’t been the case.

He debuted his first solo EP, ‘One More Then I’ll Let You Go’. The release came with a lot of excitement as he revealed with Atwood Magazine.

“I feel like I have this nice kind of entrée into the music world, just collaborating with [Ben] Lee for a couple of years and then starting to learn that I could write my own songs.”

“I still hope to make music with him and collaborate with other people, but this is the first one that’s just got my name on it, so that comes with a lot of excitement.”

He Hasn’t Quit Acting

Although his career shifted in a different direction and for some, he went off the map, that really isn’t the case. He made more than a few cameos since the iconic sitcom, among his recent work, includes ‘Hunters’. In addition, he’s staying active these days thanks to the television series, ‘Centaurworld’.

For Radnor, ‘Hunters’ in particular was an exciting project and one that gave him a completely different experience.

“It felt like nothing I had done before or the concept was audacious, the part was super strange, funny and weird and allowed me to flex different muscles, the people making it, Amazon, Al Pacino, Jordan Peele.”

Great to see the actor still thriving while working on his musical passion at the same time.

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