10 Ridiculously Expensive Things The Characters In How I Met Your Mother Bought

Ted and his friends from How I Met Your Mother made moderate sums of money, but that doesn’t stop them from buying ridiculously expensive things.

How I Met Your Mother taught its audience valuable life lessons during Ted’s recounting of how he met his children’s mother. Along with his friends, Barney, Lily, Marshall, and Robin, Ted became an extension of families across America. Every week viewers tuned in for the witty catchphrases, heart-breaking moments, and hilarious gags that intertwined the growing pains in navigating the group’s personal and professional lives. For 10 years, fans gasped, laughed, and cried with the crew.

While fans were sometimes curious about how Ted and his close-knit friends could afford some of their purchases, the quintet and their counterparts were living their best lives. Still, some of the purchases were so ridiculously expensive that one could only dream of having them.

Glen McKenna ~ $600-$2,500

The gang’s signature hangout—MacLaren’s Pub—is home to Marshall’s innovative drink popularized by Robin and the coveted Glen McKenna. Described as “smokey with a hint of aged cedar,” the scotch whiskey is aged over 20-30 years and retails between $600-$2,500 per bottle. Throughout their adventures in the series, the core five characters never found themselves purchasing Glen McKenna. Instead, they ended up in comical situations that led to them stealing the scotch. Ultimately, it was the mother who ended up buying Ted a double shot of the McLaren’s most expensive drink, which happened to be a 35-year-old Glen McKenna.

The Captain’s Ashtray

In season 8 episode 17, assumptions and miscommunication lead Lily, Robin, and Ted to another bout of hilarity when they attend The Captain’s, George Van Smoot, art gallery at his home. Lily compliments an elephant painting at the gallery but is dismissed by The Captain’s art consultant. Despite this, The Captain invites Lily upstairs to see his acquired paintings, but she still voices her opinion about the elephant paint being a better addition to his collection. To her dismay, her art knowledge is questioned because she is a kindergarten teacher, and, in an act of retaliation, she steals The Captain’s expensive ashtray.

The crystal ashtray in question was so expensive Ted recalled he could “probably afford an island to hunt people.” An ashtray worth enough to purchase an island is unfathomable. Luckily, Lily returns it to The Captain when he calls her to show her that he purchased the elephant painting she raved about.

Robin’s Wedding Dress ~ $7,000

The most important day in the gang’s lives had fans gathered around their televisions in anticipation for Barney and Robin’s plunge into matrimony. While the ceremony was heartfelt and full of love, the real showstopper was Robin’s Monique Lhuillier Addie wedding dress. The gown is from Lhuillier’s 2011 spring collection and retails for $7,000 which does not include the gorgeous beaded belt chosen to accentuate Robin’s waistline. According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of a wedding dress in the United States is $1,000.

Lily’s Wedding Dress ~ $8,000

Before Barney and Robin, Lily and Marshall exchanged nuptials. Lily’s wedding gown was the series first display of Lhuillier’s work and cost $8,000. In the season two episode, Lily and Marshall’s wedding day is filled with calamities and a confession from one of Lily’s previous suitors attempting to get her back.

Even with all the mishaps, Lily looked as beautiful as ever as pushed through the trials and declared her love for Marshall in a brief outside ceremony before heading to the altar. Viewers continued to witness the couple’s highest and lowest lows as the series progressed.

Claudia’s Wedding ~ $400,000

Costing her father $400,000, Claudia’s wedding was the most expensive budget yet. The lavish wedding is the first wedding of the series and details the gang’s preparation for it. Viewers witness the dilemmas the gang, bride, and groom go through as the wedding approaches including Stuart’s, the groom, bought of cold-feet as he realizes how much he misses being single. Through encouragement and reassurance, he proceeds his nuptials to Claudia. Later in the series, fans learn that the two welcome a beautiful baby girl and have a tumultuous marriage.

Barney’s Stormtrooper ~ $8,000

Barney’s “Fortress of Barnitude” is the ultimate bachelor’s pad equipped with two 300 plasma tv’s mounted into the wall, a room that can change its view from the balcony and voice-activated smoke detectors. These are just a few of gems featured in Barney’s tech-savvy home.

One of Barney’s most enviable possessions is his life-sized Stormtrooper. The Star Wars character cost about $8,000 which is nothing in comparison to Barney’s stellar income. The collectible is a staple to Barney’s living room and part of his many tactics to scare off the women of his countless flings.

Marshall And Lily’s Apartment

Marshall and Lily made another one of their biggest decisions together by buying an apartment. The couple decided to purchase the infamous Dowisetrepla apartment located in a quaint New York City neighborhood. However, the process of closing on their new home brought forth Lily’s secret of her massive credit card debt from being a shopaholic adding to their current stress.

The apartment proves to way out the couples’ price range, but they promise each other they will do what they can to pay their mortgage. However, not all that is glitter gold. The couple eventually realizes their perfect apartment has a crooked floor.

Ted’s Apartment

The central character of How I Met Your Mother probably lives a modest apartment compared to his friends, but that still doesn’t mean the price tag is. Ted Mosby’s apartment is roughly $4,000 per month in rent and boasts a neighborhood full of activity. Located above MacLaren’s, the apartment has seen its fair share of shenanigans from the gang. Four thousand dollars a month is a hefty price for rent, but Ted’s job as an architect does allow him to splurge in his spendings. He is estimated to earn over $100,000 per year.

Barney’s Suits

Barney’s extravagant spending isn’t only reserved for collectibles. It is also used to maintain his posh wardrobe. With his estimated income being $1,173,312, Barney spends roughly $56,000 a year on his suits. Given that he spent roughly $4,000 at the tailor, this means Barney buys 14 suits per year. Barney’s career in banking, specifically a P.L.E.A.S.E—Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything allows him to not afford his insane apartment but also his distinguished wardrobe.

Barney’s ‘Jor-El’ Cam

As mentioned before, Barney’s apartment his filled with lavish features. One of the most fanciful details of his apartment is his ‘Jor-El’ cam which casts the image of whoever is talking while amplifying their voice. The camera is another display of Barney’s love of science fiction and a fun addition to the gang’s routine shenanigans. The feature surely costs a fortune as its an item many would not have. Barney knows how to treat himself and embrace his inner nerd. The characters in How I met Your Mother maintain lives some can only dream of and viewers enjoyed seeing their adventures, misadventures, and insane purchases every week.

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