7 Most Controversial Episodes Of Friends That Have Aged Badly

From catchphrases littering our lexicon (‘Could I be wearing any more clothes?’) With Eddie becoming the go-to haircut for 90s fashionistas, over 10 series, Friends became not just a TV show but a phenomenon that is still drawing in new fans to this day. It kickstarted the careers of those six coffee-drinking New Yorkers, became a magnet for A-list cameos and morphed from ratings smash into a binge-watch comfort blanket.

But ahead of that, we’ve taken a look at some of the episodes they may not be so eager to remember.

The One That Could Have Been

SEI_80440690.jpg (540×304)
This is the first appearance of “Fat Monica\”, a plot point that continues to haunt Friends in every “Friends is bad, actually” debate. In flashbacks to the gang’s college years or in this two-parter, which imagines what could have been if they took different paths in life, size six Courtney Cox was dressed up in a fat suit. That’s pretty bad to start off with. But it gets worse when the entire character of Fat Monica is played for laughs.
Throughout the whole series, jokes are made about Monica’s weight, and it’s drilled into us that she became hot when she slimmed down. Throwing in an ugly naked guy, and anybody fat in the Friends universe was just a punchline.

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go

SEI_80440675.jpg (540×303)
In this season two episode, Eddie\ (Adam Goldberg), Chandler’s new roommate, is held up as a nightmare roommate. He watches him sleep, he accuses him of sleeping with his ex, he dehydrates fruit, and steals the insoles from his shoes. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had situations like this, it’s funny, right?

Well, looking back on this episode, it’s clear that Chandler and Joey are messing with the mind of a mentally ill man for their own benefit.

Eddie is just referred to as a “big freak of nature” and a ‘psychopath’, but it’s clear that he has mental issues, having imagined he and Chandler took a trip to Las Vegas together.

To get Eddie out of the apartment, Chandler and Joey pretended they’d never met Eddie and that he had imagined his entire time living with Chandler. How did the show treat this exploitation of a mentally ill man? With an applause track.

The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel

SEI_80440790.jpg (540×303)
Ross Geller is probably the most problematic of all of the Friends, due to his terrible treatment of girlfriends and clear discomfort at his ex-wife marrying a woman. His sexist tendencies emerge early on, including this episode where he freaks out at the thought of his son Ben playing with a Barbie.
Ross tries to force his infant son to choose GI Joe instead, because boys cannot be boys if they are playing with toys marketed towards girls.

The One With The Male Nanny

SEI_80440787.jpg (540×350)
More blatant Ross sexism at play six seasons later, when Freddie Prinze Jr’s male nanny gets the sack for being… too good at his job. Rachel and Ross hire a nanny called Sandy to look after Emma. It’s clear he’s the perfect choice – he can make madeleines. He serenades the baby with tunes on a recorder, and holds puppet shows. On the downside, he’s a man who Ross considers to be overly emotional.

The One With The Ick Factor

SEI_80440698.jpg (540×304)
In a storyline that would nowadays be more fitting for a disturbing drama. This season one episode sees Monica dating a college student and lying about her age. Claiming she’s 22 rather than 26. Ethan loses his virginity to Monica, telling her that he has been waiting for the right person. Monica later fesses up about her age.

Unfortunately, so does Ethan – he is not a college senior, but a 17-year-old year old high school senior.

Monica later breaks it off because it’s ‘icky’. While 17 is the age of consent in New York and this relationship wasn’t illegal. It all feels a bit too “icky” to be played for laughs.

The One With Chandler’s Dad

SEI_80440669.jpg (540×408)
Many jokes are made in Friends about Chandler’s dad, who had an affair with the pool boy. However, when we finally got to meet Chandler’s father in the seventh season. It became clear that not only is Charles a drag queen, but is a transgender woman.
Kathleen Turner has since said she would turn down Charles’ role were she offered it now. And admits the jokes haven’t aged well.

The One With The Dozen Lasagnas

SEI_80440811.jpg (540×303)
Thanks to movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up. we’ve come a long way in how assault and harassment are treated. Although we obviously still have a long way to go. So it’s pretty shocking that in this season one episode.

Phoebe is sexually assaulted and it’s just used as a tactic to move on a break-up storyline.

Rachel’s boyfriend Paolo (Cosimo Fucho) goes to Phoebe for a massage. where he proceeds to grope her bottom. While she was working before flashing his penis and propositioning her.


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