Friends Reunion: The 16 Best Moments

The One Where Everybody Cries

friends-reunion-crying.jpg (620×420)
Seeing all six cast members back in Monica and Chandler’s kitchen gave us goosebumps. But it wasn’t until we watched Matt LeBlanc wipe the happy tears from Courteney Cox’s eyes that we really started to get emotional. (And unlike Chandler, Matthew Perry totally cried… just not until the very end.)

The One Where They Play the Game

friends-reunion-courteney-cox-monica-seven.jpg (620×420)
Recreating the game from “The One With the Embryos” — arguably the funniest episode of the series’ 10-year run — paved the way for a trip down memory lane… and for Cox to silently mouth the answer when Perry was asked, “How many erogenous zones are there on the female body?” (Spoiler alert: The answer was seven… seven… SEVEN!)

The One Where Mr. Heckles Returns From the Dead

friends-reunion-mr-heckles.jpg (620×420)
No Ouija board is required to make contact with the gang’s dearly departed downstairs neighbor: Larry Hankin (aka Mr. Heckles) crashes the reunion, alive and well, as one of the evening’s first surprise guests. Too bad no one on the women’s team can remember the character’s name, guessing everything from “Mr. Winkle” to “Mr. Wiggles.” (To Lisa Kudrow’s credit, she recalls Hankin’s actual name instantly.)

The One With the Identical Hand Twin

friends-reunion-thomas-lennon-identical-hand-twin.jpg (620×420)
Before he was the Felix Unger to Perry’s Oscar Madison — what, have we all forgotten about CBS’ Odd Couple reboot? — Thomas Lennon played Joey’s identical hand twin in the two-part Season 5 finale/Season 6 opener “The One in Vegas.” He “reprised” his role during the game, when LeBlanc was asked to pick Joey’s hand twin out of a lineup. (And he picked correctly!)

The One With the Barbershop Quartet

friends-reunion-barbershop-quartet.jpg (620×420)Among the evening’s handful of musical guests is the actual barbershop quartet that Ross hired to serenade Rachel in Season 3’s “The One With All the Jealousy.” Those harmonious gentlemen may not have been able to save Ross and Rachel’s relationship, but those harmonies are still tight.

The One With the Ophthalmologist

friends-reunion-tom-selleck-richard-burke.jpg (620×420)
Not only did we get an update on Richard Burke — according to a new voicemail, the eye doctor is set to retire — but portrayer Tom Selleck got to participate in the above-mentioned game. And he delivered perhaps the greatest question of all: “Monica famously chose Chandler over Richard… What did Chandler do for a living?” All these years later, it was still anybody’s guess.

The One With Jack and Judy

friends-reunion-elliott-gould-christina-pickles-jack-judy.jpg (620×420)
We doubt they would’ve ever showed up if Monica had a school recital, but Jack and Judy Geller — aka Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles — were in the audience to cheer on their former TV kids. And it was just precious hearing them talk of how they actually saw themselves as Mom and Dad to all six cast members whenever they were on set.

The One Where Ross Finally Tells Marcel to ‘F–k Off’

friends-reunion-marcel.jpg (620×420)
At this point, the stars of Friends have spent more time talking about how much they hated filming with “the monkey” (aka Marcel) than they actually spent working together. We knew that this topic was bound to come up again during the reunion, and we were fully prepared to roll our eyes at the same canned answers. But there’s something oddly delightful about watching David Schwimmer slowly unravel as he curses his former co-star’s very existence.

The One Where Lady Gaga Sings ‘Smelly Cat’

friends-reunion-lady-gaga-smelly-cat.jpg (620×420)
From Chris Isaak to Taylor Swift, Kudrow has performed “Smelly Cat” with some truly memorable duet partners. But we never expected to see Lady Gaga singing alongside Kudrow on Central Perk’s iconic orange couch, backed by a full-on choir.

The One Where Matt LeBlanc Gets Hurt

friends-reunion-matt-leblanc-dislocated-shoulder-reveal-1.jpg (620×420)
Remember when Joey fell off his bed in Season 3 and had to wear a sling? As revealed during the reunion, there was a very real, very painful reason for that storyline. LeBlanc apparently dislocated his shoulder filming a bit for “The One Where No One’s Ready,” prompting the Powers That Be to write Joey’s accident into the next episode. The reunion features actual raw footage of LeBlanc’s injury, followed by a blood-curdling scream he releases after slinking off to Monica’s bedroom. It’s a difficult moment for the cast to re-watch 25 years later, especially for Cox, who says, “I don’t want to see pain!” (Spoiler alert: she sees pain.)

The One Where They Listened to the Audience

friends-reunion-monica-chandler-london-relationship.jpg (620×420)
Monica and Chandler’s London frolic was supposed to be a one time thing, it was revealed. Then the studio audience erupted — as glimpsed in an extended cut from “The One With Ross’s Wedding” — and the Powers That Be shifted gears. As series co-creator Marta Kaufman put it, “The way the audience reacted, we realized there [was] more to this… It was such a powerful moment that we knew we had to explore it more” — and the rest is history.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Again)

friends-reunion-lisa-kudrow-phoebe.jpg (620×420)
Not only does the cast look right at home on the show’s iconic set, but their table reads of classic episodes prove that their chemistry also remains as powerful as ever. One particular highlight is when Kudrow reenacts the moment Phoebe discovers that Monica and Chandler are hooking up. (“My eyes! My eyes!”) Schwimmer recreating Ross’ legendary shriek was just the icing on the traditional English trifle.

The One Where Gunther Zooms In

friends-reunion-james-michael-tyler-gunther.jpg (620×420)
Much like the original run, James Michael Tyler didn’t get much screen time during the Friends reunion. (Was anyone else unnerved by the sight of Gunther smiling?) But he did use what precious screen time he had to say just how thankful he was for his role as Rachel’s not-so-secret admirer.

The One With Janice’s Laugh

friends-reunion-janice-oh-my-god.jpg (620×420)
No amount of social distancing was going to keep Maggie Wheeler from the Friends reunion. Heck, she probably would’ve flown to Yemen if she had to! In addition to reciting Janice’s signature catchphrase — “Oh. My. God.” — Wheeler revealed the origin of her character’s unforgettable laugh: “Matthew Perry is so funny, and the minute I set eyes on him and he opened his mouth, I thought, ‘I’m going to lose it, I’m going to crack up. This character needs a laugh because I’m not going to be able to get through a single scene with this guy.’”

The One Where Jen and David Almost… You Know

friends-reunion-jennifer-aniston-david-schwimmer-romance.jpg (620×420)
Aniston and Schwimmer could have been each other’s real-life lobsters. Rachel and Ross’ portrayers revealed they had serious crushes on one another back in the day, but never acted on them — and we’re positively shook. (More on that bombshell can be found here.)

The One With the Fashion Show

friends-reunion-fashion-show.jpg (620×420)
Ross’ infamous leather pants may have been a nightmare for him, but they’re a dream on Cindy Crawford. The supermodel rocks the iconic look during a fun runway segment, which also features Cara Delevingne in Rachel’s bridesmaid dress from Barry and Mindy’s wedding, Justin Bieber as Spudnik, and Delevingne again as the Holiday Armadillo. Fashion at its finest.


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