How I Met Your Mother: 10 Times The Main Characters Should Probably Have Gone To Jail

The How I Met Your Mother cast of characters has had their share of fun, and some of their antics were pretty wild, even too wild to be considered legal in some instances. From stealing animals to jumping on top of moving cars to trespassing in jealous rages, the gang has done it all.

10.The Naked Man

The Naked Man is definitely a problematic ‘play’, and for once, Barney didn’t come up with it. It is Robin’s date who decides that it is acceptable to strip naked and flash his date without consent or encouragement, and tells the gang that it works ‘two out of three times’. Robin, though shocked, wasn’t completely put off by her date Mitch’s Naked Man act, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to do this.

9.When Barney Pretended To Be Ted

In the second season, Ted and Robin get into a huge fight; later when Robin and Lily head to the bar, Robin learns that Ted was chatting with an attractive kickboxing instructor about kickboxing and then left the bar with her to go to Marshall’s law school party. Robin followed Ted into the party only to learn from a man named Brad that ‘Ted Mosby, the architect’ left with his date to go dancing in the club. At the club, she learns that Ted and the woman have moved to the apartment across the street.

8.When Ted And Barney Were In A Fight

It is quite unreasonable to resort to violence to get a regular booth at a bar. Doug from MacLaren’s started a fight because his favorite customers couldn’t sit at their usual table, which is quite uncalled for. Though Barney and Ted pretended to join in, Doug was the only one who actively engaged in the scuffle.

7.Ted Committed Credit Card Fraud

In the third season, Ted basically commits credit card fraud and is never held accountable or charged by the law. On Saint Patrick’s Day, while he is out partying with Barney, he realizes that the universe is rewarding him for his bad deeds, so he purposefully ditches his date, orders drinks on someone else’s tab, and kisses a married woman.

6.When Barney And Marshall Lied To Ted About His Job

Barney and Marshall lied to Ted about his work at the Goliath National Bank; Ted who was hired to design the new headquarters of the bank, meets a design supervisory task force, only to realize that it was a ruse planned by Barney and Marshall to keep Ted from finding out that the project has been scrapped and Ted is to be fired. Since Ted was on contractual pay for two months, Barney and Marshall come up with an elaborate ruse instead of telling him the truth.

5.Lily Rode On Top Of A Car

In the fifth season, Ted, Marshall, and Lily head to Chicago on a nostalgia trip because Ted and Marshall’s favorite pizzeria Gazzola was closing down. They reminisced about the road trips that they would embark on in college to get to Gazzola, and binge on jerky and highly caffeinated soda named Tantrum. As they are headed back to New York from their Bed and Breakfast, they realize they’d forgotten Lily, and a few seconds later they found Lily suddenly jumping on top of their moving car.

4.Barney’s Playbook

Barney’s playbook essentially listed ways of tricking women into sleeping with him under false pretenses; ‘the plays’ were just lies and disguises that Barney used to lie to women for one-night stands. And though it’s not a criminal offense, he deceived women into sex acts, which brings in the question of consent.

3.Barney Sold A Woman

Barney actually admitted to pulling a Chuck Bass and selling a woman to a stranger, which is surely criminal. “I’m pretty sure I once sold a woman. I didn’t speak the language, but I shook a guy’s hand, he gave me the keys to his Mercedes and I just left her there,” he tells someone.

2.Ted Projected Stalker Tendencies

It has to be addressed how Ted’s behavior towards women was creepy and problematic, and many times he went into a full-blown stalker mode to pursue someone, especially if he believed they were rejecting him. “When you love someone you don’t ever stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy. Even then, especially then. You just, you don’t give up,” Ted was quoted saying once. This line itself goes to show that he systematically overlooked consent.

1.Zoey Stole A Horse And A Van Full Of Rabbits

Zoey had already been arrested after she had set a car on fire after the 2009 Guns n’ Roses concert. But she also did a bunch of other illegal things, and it’s a wonder she never got in trouble with the law for any of these.

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