Jason Segel Says He is Ready to Appear in HIMYM Season 10

Pamela Fryman, the director of How I Met Your Mother season 10, says that Jason Segel wants to do the 10th season. How I Met Your Mother was first shown on CBS in September 2005. It ran for nine seasons and 208 episodes before ending with a very controversial finale in September 2013. “HIMYF,” a new show based on the show, is now done with its first season. It’s been called one of the best American sitcoms of the 2000s, and it has just finished its first.

Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic, is the main character in How I Met Your Mother. In 2030, he tells his son and daughter about how he met and fell in love with their mother. Craig Thomas and Carter Bays made the show. It had 91 nominations for awards during its run and won 21 of them. Some fans want a different ending, while others want a new season of How I Met Your Mother. The show has been dull for nine years.

When TVLine did a special interview with Fryman to talk about the finale of How I Met Your Father, she talked about the future of the show and said that she has talked about the possibility of a season 10 with the cast. Even though the show has been off the air for nearly a decade, everyone is still in touch and supportive of each other’s careers, including the cast and creators Bays and Thomas. It turns out that Jason Segel, who played Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, was very happy when the show’s director suggested the 10th season. Fryman’s full quote is below. You can read it here.

As soon as this [sequel series] came out, everyone was excited. Everyone is always rooting for each other. I text them and say, “Season 10! We could do that, guys! Always, Jason [Segel] says, “OK, I’m in. Just tell me where to show up.”

Following the recent revivals of popular shows like Sex and the City. It does seem like there is still a market for old comedies to come back. The nostalgia that streaming platforms allow people to feel may have helped this. In Fryman’s words, it looks like the original cast would be open to the idea of revisiting the show at some point. There isn’t anything official on the table. This could get easier because streaming platforms have a lot more leeway when it comes to picking up canceled shows and giving them a new lease on life like Netflix did with Arrested Development. This could make it best for both old and new fans to enjoy the shows.

Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, and Neil Patrick Harris are all in the core cast of HIMYM, which also includes Segel. Any chance of a 10th season would depend on how interested and available they are to do it. It’s likely that their schedules would play a big role in any decision-making. There is also the idea that the show was much of its time. While still staying true to the show’s characters and narrative. This could be difficult. People will have to worry and see what the future holds to see if there is any chance of a revival.

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