The Single Worst Thing Ted Mosby Ever Did in HIMYM

Ted Mosby, the star of How I Met Your Mother, did many bad things during the show’s run. One of these bad things stands out above the rest. For example, Ted has a lot of bad boyfriend traits to choose from. He can dump Natalie on her birthday (twice) and cheat Victoria. Robin Scherbatsky, on the other hand, was Ted’s girlfriend for a long time, and she had a hard time.

When Ted and Robin started dating, they were set up for a long-term relationship. The seeds were planted in season 1 before they finally got together in season 2. Ted and Robin had a lot of ups and downs during their relationship. However, in one episode of HIMYM season 2, Ted asked Robin to do something that many people think is bad for a long-term relationship.

Season 2, Episode 16, was the worst thing Ted did to Robin. He asked Robin to get ahold of her five dogs. When Ted asked someone to get rid of their pets, his reason for doing so made it even worse. The dogs Ted asked Robin to get rid of were mostly gifts from her ex-boyfriends, and he thought they reminded him of her past relationships, which was a problem for their relationship.

On the other hand, Ted thought this argument was logical, but he didn’t understand how important and special dogs can be to people.

To make Robin’s dogs seem more complicated, Ted tried to make it seem like it was. This happened after Robin asked Ted to get rid of some gifts he had given to his ex-girlfriends. Ted started to think that what happened with his ex-girlfriends was the same as what happened to him when he was with Robin. As soon as the group agreed with Robin, Ted did what he had to do. However, when Ted found out that the dogs were a way for Robin to remember her ex-boyfriends, the argument was reignited. On the other hand, Ted didn’t understand that dogs were different from other things and were more like Robin’s family than gifts.

At the same time, Ted and Robin’s relationship was still very young. They agreed to move in together at the end of the episode. But they hadn’t even celebrated one year together before that. When Ted and Robin’s relationship was already rocky. Some fans thought it was too far for a boyfriend to ask his girlfriend to give up her favorite pets after less than one year of dating.

When Ted and Robin were together, their relationship was always, or at least sometimes, tense. Even their friendship became more challenging to keep up throughout the show. Even though the show ended with Ted and Robin getting together unceremoniously. On HIMYM, Robin was the main person Ted yelled at. But that didn’t make him the worst person on the show. Ted asked for Robin to give up her dogs, which was the worst thing he did there.

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