Hogwarts Professors Should Have Followed These 10 Rules

While the Wizarding World differs from our own in many ways, the focus on education is constant. Students at Hogwarts are taught the fundamentals of magic for seven years before moving on to a career they love. Their Professors provide this instruction as they progress through their magical education. Hogwarts’ policies and practices tend to cause more harm than good and are easily remedied. As a result, here are ten rules that all Hogwarts professors should start following right away if they value their jobs and the safety of their students.

Teach Countercharms On Day One

At Hogwarts, charms are one of the most valuable forms of magic. Why isn’t there a focus on teaching students how to undo magical effects right away? During their time at Hogwarts, many students are injured or affected by poor spellcasting; teaching them how to undo stray curses or spells should be emphasized early on.

More Than One Professor Per Subject

Many fans are perplexed by Hogwarts’ total student body size. While J.K. has stated that the official count ranges from 600 to 1,000 students. More realistic estimates put the number of students at 300-400. This is still a lot for a single professor to handle simultaneously. Especially since they’re juggling seven years’ worth of lesson plans on top of that and an unknown number of classes. From a mathematical or educational standpoint, having a single professor teach an entire subject makes no sense. Hiring some adjunct faculty would help Hogwarts students gain more hands-on experience.

No More Forbidden Forest Detentions

This one may seem self-evident, but it’s worth repeating. In the first book, when Ron, Harry, and Draco are caught after hours. The most appropriate punishment for these 11-year-olds is exile to the Forbidden Forest.

Simulated Environment For Astronomy

Astronomy is one of Hogwarts’ lesser-known classes. Harry’s descriptions of the class are usually hazy or skimmed over. We know that they have weekly midnight classes to study the stars, which is one of the few things we know. But why? There is a whole hall dedicated to displaying the weather outside at any given time. Not to mention that bad weather would make the class pointless at night. 

Bring In Guest Speakers

Students at Hogwarts appear to get their only academic exposure from their professors. However, as we’ve seen with professors like Lockhart and Umbridge, the value of exposure varies. Bringing in guest speakers to teach magical concepts or spells would provide students with new perspectives on magic. It would also provide a much-needed break for professors by allowing someone else to prepare for a short time.

Break Up House-Specific Groupings

Students at Hogwarts appear to be divided into houses and year groups for their classes. However, when viewed objectively, this system is incomprehensible. It not only enforces a rigid “us vs. them” house mentality. But it also makes nothing to award more or less house points to a particular home. By mixing students from different places in classes, it helps bring students together who might not otherwise know each other and gives the house point system more meaning.

Consistent Class Schedules

It’s difficult to say whether the Harry Potter series’ class schedule is due to a lack of oversight by Rowling or the faculty. In any case, it’s a system that needs to be revamped. Certain classes appear to meet multiple times a week (often with “double” periods), while others seem to meet much less frequently.

Word Length Homework Assignments

This is a surprising forward-thinking, and progressive system. Unfortunately, the homework system is incomprehensible. Switching to a system in which essays must be a specific word count makes far more sense for students. Instead of pulling out a ruler, teachers could use a magical word count spell.

Don’t Give 13 Year Olds Time Travel.

Put it down to the faculties’ “what were they thinking?” moment. Professors at Hogwarts do not give Hermione Granger a more challenging or hands-on workload when she demonstrates that she is a brilliant and gifted student. Even if Hermione has such a device, the potential for abuse of power is extremely high. While Professor McGonagall’s intentions were good, giving one of your students the ability to travel through time has more negative than positive consequences.

Guidance Counselors

A Hogwarts student’s day-to-day life is already hectic enough. In the Muggle world, adolescence is difficult enough. Students’ emotional well-being must be kept on a knife’s edge for the majority of the time; having the staff monitor this would help improve learning in their classrooms.

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