Jennifer Aniston has had an amazing career, but there are 5 facts that you may not know!

The 53-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston has become a kind of expert on how to live well, and in 2016, People named her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for the second time. Before her dramatic role in The Yellow Birds 2016, Aniston is returning to her comedic roots this weekend with a part in the rom-com Mother’s Day, which has many big names.Here are five things about Jennifer that you might not know.

1.As a child, the Friends star Aniston was told not to watch TV, which has to be one of the most ironic fun facts.

Aniston once said, “I went to a Waldorf school, where you couldn’t watch TV, but you could go to the theatre.” “My dad was on a soap opera, and he still is. So, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV unless I was sick.” Her father, who has been on Days of Our Lives since 1985, also told his daughter not to do what he did. “He told me, ‘I don’t want to break your heart. It hurts to be turned down. Don’t do that, please, please, please. “Become an attorney.”

Jennifer aniston Fun fact in childhood

2. In 1989, when she was on The Howard Stern Show, Aniston got her first taste of fame.

At the time, Aniston was 20 and just getting started. She had only done one show at the Public Theater. She was a spokesperson for the Nutrisystem weight-loss plan and said she had lost 15 pounds on the plan.

3. When promoting her 2014 movie Cake, Aniston said that the pool scene had to be shot 30 times because she was so afraid of water.

Aniston had said, “When I was a kid, I was riding my tricycle around a swimming pool. I drove my tricycle into the pool and wouldn’t let go, so my brother tried to help.” “So I can’t go underwater, and nobody will believe me. I can’t do it.”

4. The Jennifer almost joined a different NBC show: Saturday Night Live.

Adam Sandler talked about a casting problem from the mid-1990s on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011.  “I remember being in Lorne Michaels’ office on the ninth floor and seeing Jen come in. I thought, “Oh my God, that’s Aniston. Will she be on our show soon?’” Sandler was dumbfounded when he discovered that Aniston had turned it down for another project. “I remember thinking, ‘She told her no?’ Is she going to do that, Friends? How the hell does Friends work? That was what was true.”

5. The producers wanted Courteney Cox to play Rachel and Aniston to play Monica.

This could have been the plot of an episode of Friends. “David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who made the show together, had a very clear idea of what the young Geller would be like.” [Cox] had this positive, happy energy. Kauffman once said, “We thought, “Well, that’s not what we had in mind for Monica.” Then she came in and did it, which made us go, “Huh?”.  It was also said that Aniston had always had her eye on Rachel. Aniston has said, “Neither of us knew that the other wanted to play Rachel and the other wanted to play Monica.” “So everything went well.”

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