TBBT: Kaley Cuoco compares a jewelry store with a highly extravagant dress

This week, Kaley Cuoco made a big fashion statement. When she went to a fancy party in one of her best looks. The Flight Attendant star didn’t say where she was going to the party, but we were too excited about her dress. Kaley looked like she was wearing a whole jewellery store when she wore a beautiful dress with many opals, sapphires, topaz, and a great design. For example, she painted emerald green nails and wore her hair in a bun. She also had an emerald clutch bag with her when she went out.

With the help of a heart emoji, she wrote: “The weekend” before mentioning her fashion, make-up, and hairstylists. Adding a diamond emoji at the end, she also said she was dressed in Dolce and Gabbana. Fans were in awe of the outfit, and one said: “It’s so beautiful.” “Kaley is always beautiful. “Your personality comes through,” one person said. “Girl, the cuteness is out of control here.” Another wrote: “Goldie Halen vibes are coming from me.

This is a great picture. I love it.” I love your hair, and I love you with bangs. I also love your hair.”


When Kaley shared an old picture last week, it looked like she had just stepped back in time. A lot of people were shocked by her outfit, and they said things like “Adorable,” “Glowing,” or “Obsessed” when they saw it. Kaley has been very good at fashion for a long time. She wore a patterned pink string bikini that she covered at the bottom with pink shorts.

She showed off her very toned body

In the picture, she looked relaxed as she tugged on a rope Milo Ventimiglia and Jared Padalecki held on to the other page. Many laughing emojis were in the comment section when the 8 Simple Rules star saw the post. She tagged it on her Instagram Story with “I can not. Many people in the comments said that they loved the spread and how nostalgic it made them feel. Some also said that they didn’t like how they asked each of the female stars how many “juicy couture outfits” they had. Kaley has had a great career since then. She has played many significant roles on TV, like on The Big Bang Theory and now on HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant.

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