HIMYM: 10 Interesting Things Fans Noticed In The Background

Although most fans weren’t satisfied with the ending of How I Met Your Mother, there’s no denying that it was a well-planned series that paid significant attention to detail. Ever since the pilot, the show had been planting clues to give viewers hints on how everything would play out.

An Entire Love Story Plays Out During A Single Conversation

They have their first date, they get engaged, and they sit with their son who just graduated. In the end, the woman has grown old and is holding an urn, which is, presumably, her husband. An elderly man comes up to console her, and the two of them talk. Their roles were swapped, but it did foreshadow Tracy’s death.

A News Article Implies That Marshall Caught The Loch Ness Monster

In a flashforward, Marshall is sitting in his office with a news clipping framed on the shelf. The title of the article reads, “N.Y.C. Lawyer Captures ‘Nessie.’” It’s only logical to assume it’s meant to be Marshall.

The Bar Ted Goes To At His Lowest Point Is Named “Low Point”

The Clock In The Apartment Never Changes

The Wedding Pictures Are Cropped

The Taxi Barney Misses Went To The Hospital

The Characters’ Outfit Colors Match Up With Their Cluedo Characters

The Countdown To Marshall’s Father’s Death

A Background Character Doesn’t Blink Or Move The Entire Scene

One Of The Graves In The Graveyard Reads “Mother”

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