Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Hollywood’s View Of Her Talents And The Director She’d Most Like To Work With

Jennifer Aniston’s career has been littered with memorable roles and lighthearted hits. Jennifer Aniston has received a lot of praise for her recent shift to meatier television and film roles. Aniston discussed her legacy and which iconic director she still wants to work with after being a force for three decades.

During the end of the 1990s and early 2000s, she was one of Hollywood’s top rom-com stars. Jennifer Aniston continued to book high-profile roles despite this perception. The Morning Show star discussed being passed over for more dramatic roles. Despite being aware of Hollywood and the public’s perception of her.

I played the girl next door, the damsel in distress, and the heartbroken rom-com stereotypes. ‘Isn’t there anything else we can do?’ It was like that at one time. Is it just this particular section of the cereal aisle? Will I ever be a healthy serving of Kashi or oatmeal, or will I always be Fruit Loops?’ After that, you begin to have self-doubts. ‘Perhaps I won’t be able to?’ ‘Perhaps no one [is providing me with these opportunities] for a reason?’

So much now is self-generated, which is fantastic because I wouldn’t have been able to get the jobs. I wanted because the industry isn’t secure enough to say, ‘Yeah, let’s try it.’ They choose actors who are capable of playing high-octane dramatic roles. But there are still some directors I’d like to work with, ones who get to choose who they want to work with, and there are times when I want to say, ‘I’d love to be a member of that club.’

After being typecast by the industry, Jennifer Aniston grew tired of rom-com roles. Perhaps calling out directors’ aversion to casting her in larger roles will result in some changes. Aniston gave The Hollywood Reporter the name of one director she wants to work with to get bigger roles.

Wes Anderson is someone I’d like to work with.

Wes Anderson’s name suggests that the Murder Mystery star is ready to take on more outlandish roles. The Grand Budapest Hotel director’s work blends comedy and drama without sacrificing one for the other. It would allow the Friends alum to demonstrate her versatility as an actress.

Even if Jennifer Aniston felt pigeonholed, her roles in The Morning Show and Dumplin’ helped her change her image. She appeared in the live unique Diff’rent Strokes and Facts of Life, which seemed like a good time. As she progresses in her career, the Hollywood star should hopefully find more balance.

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