When 18 Year Old Millie Bobby Brown Turned Into a Life Coach for Vogue

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most successful actresses at the moment. While was Millie Bobby Brown so committed to the on-screen persona that she made sure she was only twelve when she played Eleven is a question fit for a 3 am Twitter discussion. But whether Millie Bobby Brown is a prodigy is a question that was buried right when she saw her for the first time in Stranger Things.

Since then the actress has earned the Screen Actors Guild Awards and has even made a place for herself in the Times’s 100 lists. If you think acting is the only industry that Brown is killing it in, then you are wrong. Furthermore, the Stranger Things actress has made a name for herself in the Fashion and Beauty industry with her skincare line named Florence by mills. And at 18, she collaborated with Vogue Eyewear and relayed some important life lessons.

Millie Bobby Brown gives life advice to Vogue

Rule No. 1: Love yourself

The number one rule that Millie preaches is to love oneself. The actress may now be speaking confidently on a podium for thousands of people. But there was once a time when she was rejected and bullied for sounding too mature. Furthermore, the only way that she could make it out of that dark time was through self-love.

The actress had to deal with unnecessary hate comments daily, so it doesn’t come as a shock that this is her number one rule. Sporting some cool shades that are a part of MBB x Vogue Eyewear, Millie Bobby Brown gave the most golden of all advice to Vogue.

Rule No. 2: Be kind

If you have been following Millie Bobby Brown for a long time now, then you know how kindness is a huge part of the person she is.

The fact that she is one of the youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors is a testament to this fact. Something as simple as smiling can make the people around you happy. Even her skincare line is cruelty-free. The actress follows what she preaches.

Rule No. 3: Stand out

As a life coach, the third thing that Millie Bobby Brown thought Vogue was to stand out. ”Wear the sunglasses only you can pull off” said Millie as she wore cool black sunglasses from the MBB x Vogue Eyewear. Do what makes you happy and never try to force yourself to be a part of the crowd.

This may be dancing to your weird hook step in the middle of a crowd. Or in this case, moving away from the tried and tested black round sunglasses and trying out a new pair that you like. Don’t be afraid to Stand Out aim for it as Millie Bobby Brown advises.

Rule No. 4: Keep it real

One of the best takeaways from Millie’s time as a life coach for vogue was when she talked about keeping things real. Once Vogue and Millie are done designing and promoting dance eyewear, they should make T-shirts saying, “Authenticity is priceless.”

While talks of the actress being wise is no new news, when the 18-year-old actress tells fans that life is too short to be anything other than your truest self, it sinks in. Furthermore, the British actress has kept it real for as long as we can remember. Brown, who is just eighteen years old, does not shy away from being her most authentic self, whether people like it or not.

Rule No. 5: Laugh out loud

Coming number five on the priceless pieces of advice that Millie Bobby Brown shared as a life coach for Vogue was ”Laugh out loud.”

Finding little things to make yourself and those around you laugh is a precious gift in itself. As Millie Bobby Brown said, “Laughter is contagious.”

Rule No. 6: Chase your dreams

The last rule that life coach Millie Bobby Brown had to state was following one’s dreams. The actress has at such a young age achieved what most of us can dream of, is because she believed in herself and chased her dreams.

“The future is so bright, put your shades on,” said Millie Bobby Brown while wearing rectangle-designed sunglasses from MBB x Vogue Eyewear.

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