When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed How Enola’s Attitude of Being “unapologetically herself” Inspired Her to Break Barriers

Millie Bobby Brown got her first producing credits at 16 when most of us are not even aware of what we wanted from our lives at that age. Before Stranger Things came into existence, Netflix’s megastar’s signpost movie was Enola Holmes. Ever since then, the trajectory of her career has never curved down. As much as it is about her professionalism, her values and virtues also reflect vividly in everything that she does.

A couple of years ago, Millie enlightened us with the significant impact her characters put on her. Not only does she slay her roles on screen but also aspires to walk on their footpaths and be like them. In an interview, she talked about the importance of playing Enola in her life.

Millie Bobby Brown revealed what she learned from playing Enola Holme

Actors tend to pick up one thing or the other from their characters, and Millie Bobby Brown is no except. On Skip Intro with Krista Smith, Brown shared how she wishes to instill Enola’s qualities and confidence within herself. “Her being unapologetically herself is so inspiring,” said Millie, now 18, who aims to break barriers and societal conventions against women. She wishes to be as strong as Holmes and set an example for all the future generations to come, which the actress already does. Her tremendous stardom and fame at such an early age stand as evidence for the same.

Another important aspect that the teen sensation wanted to imbibe was the way Enola dealt with her vulnerability all the time. The titular character of the sassy sister of literature’s greatest detectives was prone to much naivete throughout the movie. However, never did her weakness come in between her bravery. The Enola Holmes Mysteries, written by Nancy Springer, gave the famed detective Sherlock Holmes an out-of-canon tween sister who fiercely rebels against Victorian social norms.

After her one major success with Enola, the actress is still not over it yet. This franchise is about land with its second installment with hopefully a much more rich and more engaging storyline. The Netflix description suggests the second installment will see Enola taking up her first case as a detective. Her first case, however, will see her reaching out to her friends and brother sherlock for help. This simply indicates, the British A-lister, Henry Cavill will have greater coverage in the movie.

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