17 Memes That Demonstrate Luna Lovegood Is Much More Valuable Than She Is Granted For

There are many things that come into the mind of people when they think of luna Lovegood, like Wrackspurts, Nargles, and the Rotfang Conspiracy. But this could happen when people think of it on the surface. There are many good things about Luna Lovegood that make her one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, even though she’s very weird.

Don’t forget that she’s a Ravenclaw, so even though she often looks like she’s in a different world reading The Quibbler, she’s brilliant. And her loyalty, kindness, courage, and willingness to be herself are also good traits.

There is a lot of love for Luna in the memes about Luna Lovegood that you see. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s weird that you love Luna, too. You and Luna are both sane people.

17. She Understands That Individuality Is Courageous

16. She Has Compassion When Others Don’t

15. She Believes In Harry

14. She Leads Harry To The Diadem Horcrux

13. She’s A True Friend

12. She Can Psychoanalyze Voldemort

11. Even Her Signature Is Unique

10. She is indifferent to what others think of her.

9. She Is A Fighter

8. She Believes In Herself

7. She’s Practical

6. She’s Part Of The Silver Trio

5. She Reminds Us Not To Stereotype

4. Like Many Of The Other Female Characters, She’s A Hero

3. She Brings Out The Best In Ron

2. She Is Pure


1. She Adds A Little Lady Gaga To The Mix

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