Jennifer Aniston’s 10 Best Rom-Coms, Ranked By IMDb

Jennifer Aniston is the reigning queen of romantic comedies. Surprisingly, the majority of her movies are not particularly conventional rom-coms and her characters have a wide range. Although she has stayed within the same genre for the majority of her career, her roles are diverse and range from the neurotic girl next door to the caring mother to the condescending boss.

Aniston is stepping more into dramatic roles in recent years but she keeps making rom-com gold and fans are more than happy to see her continue to show up in new ways.

Along Came Polly (2004) – 6.0

Along-Came-Polly.jpg (1500×789)

Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) is an actuary who assesses risk for insurance companies and is addicted to playing it safe. While on his honeymoon, his new wife cheats on him, and when he returned home devasted … Along Came Polly (Jennifer Aniston). She is everything that he is not. She dances, eats spicy food, and has pet ferrets. All things that are very not Reuben.

The Switch (2010) – 6.1 (1400×700)

Wally Mars (Jason Batemen) is neurotic and a pessimist in The Switch. His best friend Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), who he is secretly in love with, is the main bright spot in his life. When Kassie becomes ready to start a family, she announces that she will be using a sperm donor. At Kassie’s insemination party, he drunkenly substitutes his own sperm with the donor’s and then passes out. He doesn’t remember what happened until he meets Kassie’s son years later and there is a striking resemblance.

Rockstar (2001) – 6.3

rockstar.jpg (1000×500)

Aniston plays the hometown girlfriend in the movie Rockstar alongside Mark Wallberg. She knew him before he was famous and then watches on the sidelines as his world evolves when he is suddenly swept up by fame. She is a supportive girlfriend and is along for the ride, but feels the distance come between them as his star rises.

He’s Just Not That Into You (2004) – 6.4

Jennifer-Aniston-in-Hes-Just-Not-That-Into-You.jpg (1400×700)

He’s Just Not That Into You was one of the first star-studded hyperlink cinema movies in the early 2000s that was quickly followed by others, such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. These films show characters in separate storylines at the beginning of the film and then gradually reveal how each storyline and character is connected by the end of the movie.

Just Go With It (2011) – 6.4

Jennifer-Aniston-Extending-Arm-Toward-Adam-Sandler-In-Just-Go-With-It.jpg (1200×675)

Just Go With It is another fantastic pairing between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. In this movie, Adam Sandler plays plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Macabee and Aniston plays his office assistant, Katherine. After a failed wedding, Daniel learns the magic of using his wedding ring to take women home. One evening he meets a woman that he is actually interested in spending the rest of his life with. However, when she discovers the ring, Daniel has to pull off the lie that comes with it.

Dumplin (2018) – 6.6

Dumplin-Netflix.jpg (1400×700)

The Pisces of Jennifer Aniston roles, she plays Rosie in Dumplin, a washed-up beauty queen who continues to keep her beauty contestant past alive by organizing the annual pageant for her small town. One hilarious scene shows Rosie having to ride in the car lying down and needing to be pulled out by her feet because the old pageant dress she is trying to wear is too tight, and the movie is simultaneously ridiculous and relatable.

Bruce Almighty (2003) – 6.8

Bruce-Almighty.jpg (1200×600)

Jennifer Aniston’s highest-grossing film, Bruce Almighty is the story of a news reporter who complains to God about the state of his life and is unexpectedly handed all of God’s powers if he thinks he can do better. Bruce uses the powers in countless self-serving and entertaining ways, only to realize that the world’s prayers are going unanswered and he is not equipped to respond to them.

We’re The Millers (2013) – 7.0

jennifer-aniston-we-re-the-millers.jpg (1400×700)

In We’re The Millers, Jason Sudeikis plays David, a small-time pot dealer that loses his cash and stash to a group of teens. To pay back his debt to his supplier. he must go to Mexico to pick up the latest shipment. David needs a plan to cross the border, so he packs a fake family into an RV for a wild weekend. Aniston plays an exotic dancer and his fake wife for the trip.

Marley And Me (2008) – 7.1

Marley-Me.jpg (1400×700)

A story about one of the best dog’s on the big screen, Marley and Me is a love story between a dog and his family. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star as newlywed couple, John and Jenny, who open the movie by buying their first home and a puppy, Marley, to share it with.

Office Space (1999) – 7.7

Office-Space-Quotes-Express.jpg (1400×700)

A cult classic, Office Space is the story of Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) who works for a corporate software company in the ’90s. Peter goes through a series of mishaps at work and in his relationship as a result and casually begins seeing Joanna (Jennifer Aniston), a waitress at a local restaurant.

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