15 Things Kaley Cuoco Has Recently Revealed

Only a few actors on TV can be called stars. One of them is Kaley Cuoco, who most recently played Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” a hit sitcom on CBS. She is also known for her parts in TV shows like “8 Simple Rules” and “Charmed.” She has also been the lead in some movies. On the other hand, Cuoco will be in the upcoming TV show “The Flight Attendant.”

15. She Thinks “The Big Bang Theory” Guys Would Love To See Penny Turn Into Harley Quinn


Cuoco gives the character’s voice in the TV show “Harley Quinn,” Cuoco gives the character’s voice. She told Entertainment Weekly, “That’s pretty cool, right? How would the guys feel? “Penny turned out to be just what they had hoped for.” She also said, “Big Bang was an amazing 12 years, and I’ll always be grateful to that show for putting me on the map.” I’ll never forget it. ”

14. She Said No To Doing A Boston Accent For Harley Quinn.

At first, they wanted me to do a strong Boston accent, but I told [co-showrunners] Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, ‘My voice is a little recognizable, and I think it’s going to be silly if we pretend it’s anyone but Kaley playing this role.’” So I ended up doing most of the screaming. It has a lot of me in it, and I’ve made it my own. ”

13. She Believes Working On “The Flight Attendant” After “The Big Bang Theory” Is A ‘Smart’ Move.

Cuoco told Entertainment Tonight, “I feel good because I’m deep into The Flight Attendant, which I think is smart. I was too busy to think about it. ” “The Flight Attendant” is not just a new show for Cuoco. It’s a project she’s been working on for a long time and is very important to her.

12. The Thought Of Leaving Her Animals While Shooting In New York Was Heartbreaking

Cuoco had to stay in New York to film scenes for “The Flight Attendant.” She said early on, “I’ve been crying already because I know I’m leaving them.” I’m the one who’s going to need help! Every night, I’ll have to Facetime with them. She also said, “My husband and I don’t feel complete unless all the animals are around us.”

11. She’s Kept In Touch With Her ‘Big Bang’ Co-Stars, Especially Ex-Boyfriend Johnny Galecki

In an interview with Us Weekly, Cuoco said, “We do have a group chat. It just started up recently, and we just kind of watch what everyone else does. “Johnny is now a father.” She also said, “He’s always wanted a child, so I’m sure this was a big deal for him.”

10. For Her, DC’s Harley Quinn Is A Hero For All Women

Feminism is at its core when you leave a bad relationship and don’t have your friends around you to make you feel strong and believe in yourself. Cuoco said, “I think she is more like many women than we think.” I love her: she’s strong, she loves her friends, does terrible things for what she thinks are good reasons, she’s funny (let’s not forget how funny she is), and she’s adorable.

9. She Enjoys Doing R-Rated Voice Work.

Cuoco told Yahoo Entertainment about “Harley Quinn”: “I have loved everything about the R-rating for Harley Quinn. I’ve loved all the bad language. I’ve enjoyed the yelling. It’s completely crazy, and out of place, so I love it. She is a badass. ”

8. She Admits That It Wasn’t Love At First Sight With Husband, Karl Cook

We had met, and it was like a weird meeting. It came about later.” in an interview with Us Weekly, the actress said, “I don’t think it was love at first sight for us.” In 2016, they started dating, and in November 2017, they got engaged. In June 2018, Cook and Cuoco got married.

7. She Enjoys Leading a Separate Life from Her Husband

Cuoco told Entertainment Tonight, “Even when Karl and I met and I knew I was totally in love with him, and we wanted to get married, we both liked our own lives, and we liked our couches.” She later added, “But we’ve lived in different places, and whether that’s helped us mentally or not, I’ve never been in a better relationship, and I want this to last the rest of my life, so in a way, we’re taking it slow.”

6. She Can Readily Start Thinking Like A Producer And Handle Criticism Of Her Work.

Kaley Cuoco told PureWow, “I’m very good at putting things in their place.” But at first, the other producers were worried that I would watch my daily videos and judge them or let other people feel them in front of me. I look at it as if it weren’t me so that I can handle the criticism. If someone says, “Oh, I don’t like that take,” I can say, “I don’t like it either.” You have to be able to take a step back and look at it from a producer’s point of view. ”

5. She Said That Having “Me” Time Is Important

Cuoco advised: “I need some “me” time to wake up and get in a good mood. A big part of my routine is sitting on the couch in my pajamas with a furry friend and a cup of coffee. She also said, “Moving my body through yoga, cycling, horseback riding, and other activities helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day.”

4. She Is Obsessed With The Netflix Series “Love is Blind.”

It’s just a little taste, but I’m hooked on this show! ” She once said on Instagram, “I got up, made my coffee, and am now watching the last episode of Love Is Blind because I’m obsessed with it.” She also said, “I think this might be the next thing I talk about on [my Instagram show] Cup Of Cuoco.”

3. She Revealed That She Likes Salmon And Hates Mushrooms

Kaley Cuoco recently used social media to talk about a recent “assistant drama” about her food. “I eat the same thing every day,” the actress said. I love salmon and vegetables more than anything else in the world. But what do I most dislike? Whoever knows me knows that I wouldn’t say I like mushrooms. If I see one, it makes me very hungry. ”

2. She Denied Nepotism Allegations After Her Sister, Briana, Got Cast As “The Flight Attendant.”

Kaley Cuoco posted a picture of herself and her sister on Instagram and said that her sister got the part “all by herself.” She said, “Well, it’s true. I did try out for the part. I didn’t do anything to cause it. She worked hard for it.” Briana also said, “People love to think that my sister is the reason I have everything.”

1. She Wants To Have A ‘Big Bang’ Reunion Someday.


Kaley Cuoco told Extra, “You know, I want Big Bang to do something similar to what Friends are doing with this get-together.” I hope that we do some get-togethers and do an episode talking about the show. I’d be down with that. “

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