20 Reasons Why Hollywood Might Drop Kaley Cuoco After The Big Bang Theory Ends

They have all said that she brings her personal life drama to set and her habits also affect her work ethic.

Kaley Cuoco entered our homes with her role in 8 Simple Rules and everyone instantly fell in love with her sweet next girl type attitude and then she really hit the big time with her role in The Big Bang Theory. Well, sorry to say, but Kaley is anything but sweet! She’s a complete diva and extremely self-centred with two big roles where she’s a star so she is not an A-lister like she thinks she is. Everyone thinks she’s big in Hollywood, yes, she has won some awards but they haven’t been the big time awards and she has won a Razzie award for worst supporting actress in two movies.

20.A Bonafide Diva

19.Low-Budget Hollywood Films

18.It’s All About Her

17.She Dresses Terribly

16.Bad Habits

15.Demands To Be Paid More

14.Fighting With Co-Stars Made Public

13.Razzie Award For Worst Supporting Actress In Two Roles

12.Life Is A Constant Drama And She Doesn’t Leave It At Home

11.She’s Hollywood’s “It” Girl But Hardly Does Anything

10.Her Big Mouth Gets Her In Trouble

9.Actually Not A Good Actress After All

8.”Fake” Relationship For The Price Of Fame

7.Majority Of Her Movie Roles Are TV Movies

6.Will Do Anything To Get Her Name In The Tabloids

5.The Big Bang Theory Is Kaley’s Only Notable Worth Of Fame

4.Everything Is A Big Deal And Way Too Emotional

3.A Big Party Animal

2.No more social media

1.Leaked photos


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