7 Times Harry Potter Broke Its Own Rules

For the story’s sake, Harry Potter occasionally ignores the restrictions it had established and breaks its own rules. There is a wealth of fascinating information in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling added laws to the universe to aid in world-building and help readers comprehend how the wizarding world’s magic works.
For the benefit of the narrative and to advance the storyline, the story disregards these set constraints. The plot of the movies breaks these norms to add drama. The reader or spectator may need to suspend their disbelief to follow the story in certain situations. For die-hard fans of the series, Harry Potter frequently breaks its laws.

The Fidelius Charm Raises Plot Hole Questions

Wormtail’s betrayal was why Voldemort was able to track down Harry’s parents after they fled into hiding. Wormtail was able to alert Voldemort of the Potters’ locations by taking on the role of Secret Keeper for the Fidelius Charm that concealed their actual location. The Potter’s decision to choose a new Secret Keeper seems to imply that a Fidelius Charmed individual cannot assume that position.

However, The Deathly Hallows’ events make it clear that Bill Weasley is the Secret Keeper for Shell Cottage and Arthur Weasley is the Secret Keeper for the Burrow. That begs the issue of why Lily or James did not take up the Secret Keeper for themselves, which would have added a layer of protection and possibly spared their untimely demise at Voldemort’s hands.

The Films Fluctuate On Students Using Magic Outside Of School

Hermione repairs Harry’s glasses while Harry uses magic to light up the room (Prisoner of Azkaban) (Chamber of Secrets) In the wizarding realm of the books, underage magic is severely controlled. The Ministry issues a warning letter to stop using magic if a wizard or witch under 17 is found using the Trace and outside of Hogwarts. The movies, however, contradict this reality. In Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry chastises Harry for using the Patronus Charm. Yet, in Prisoner of Azkaban, while he is still living with the Dursleys and before the third-year school term begins, Harry is shown using magic to illuminate his textbook.
The fact that Hermione shamelessly used her wand to heal Harry’s cracked spectacles in Diagon Alley during Chamber of Secrets is still unacceptable even if it were acceptable for homework purposes. Given that Hermione is present and neither individual is of legal age in these situations, it is inexplicable that they would be able to use their magic without suffering consequences.

An Effect Of The Imperius Curse In Its First Appearance Makes It Too Obvious

The Imperius Curse is almost ever mentioned in the Harry Potter books. Many characters said to have been affected by the curse behave normally, even when their acts are odd, and only display bewilderment and haziness after the Imperius Curse has been removed. In Goblet of Fire, Barty Crouch Jr. uses a curse to clear Viktor Crum of all impediments by sending him through the Third Task’s maze. Krum’s insanity, when he strikes Cedric, enables Harry to comprehend what is going on and prevent Cedric from retaliating aggressively. Blank eyes indicate mind control when they appear on Krum in the movie. When the Imperius Curse is applied, later films leave entirely out this information, restoring it to canon.

The Weasley Twins Show A Lack Of Concern For Ron

Fred and George had found the Marauder’s Map in Filch’s office and taken it before the events of Prisoner of Azkaban. The entire Hogwarts campus is depicted on the map, including everyone’s locations. It is strange that, over the considerable period they had it, they failed to notice that Peter Pettigrew frequently followed Ron’s name. Pettigrew’s real name remains on the map even though he was in his Animagus rat form as Scabbers, which prompts Harry to wander the school corridors late at night to figure out why someone who should be dead is still alive. Scabbers has become accustomed to sleeping in Ron’s bed and traveling with him in his pocket. Notably, the Weasley twins were unaware of Pettigrew’s presence.

Laws Surrounding Food Conjuration Are Inconsistent

Hermione claims that there are five exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, one of which is food. That states that just as they cannot magically produce love or money, wizards too cannot magically manufacture food out of thin air. But if there is already some, it can be increased or summoned from other places. However, Mrs. Weasley is depicted in Goblet of Fire as making a sauce appearing out of thin air.
Mrs. Weasley could have been able to find the sauce somewhere else. The sauce might have been transmitted using the wand as a conduit. Gamp’s Law was not addressed until The Deathly Hallows. Hence it is never made apparent. Additionally, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione face a food shortage in The Deathly Hallows, they don’t appear to employ the principles of food conjuration to multiply food once they do.

Professor Lupin’s Lycanthropy Is Not Triggered Until He Sees The Moon

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Remus Lupin sees the moon. Lupin’s condition relies on the lunar calendar because he is a werewolf. The full moon causes Lupin to transform into a werewolf, losing his human consciousness and putting him in danger of biting others. The most dramatic approach to depicting Lupin’s transformation is in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. But this immediately becomes perplexing. Before Hermione points out the full moon, Lupin doesn’t start to shift or even appear to experience any effects. Lupin immediately freezes and begins his monthly metamorphosis as soon as he sees the full moon. It practically promotes the ludicrous idea that Lupin may prevent his monthly transformation by avoiding glancing at the moon. However, according to Harry Potter lore, a full moon affects everyone who has lycanthropy, whether or not they can see it.

An Early Edition Of Goblet Of Fire Mixed-Up Lily And James’ Deaths

The Goblet of Fire by Harry Potter Priori Incantatem happens on its own due to Harry’s wand linked with Voldemort during the dramatic conclusion of Goblet of Fire. As a result, Voldemort’s victims’ ghosts emerge from his wand in the opposite sequence from which he killed them. Initially, a typographical error in the first print permitted James to show up first and request that Harry hold on long enough for Lily to see him. However, Lily should appear first because she passed away after James. After all, Priori Incantatem displays a wand’s cast spells in reverse order. Later versions of the book included a correction for this inaccuracy.

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