Barney Stinson from HIMYM Should’ve Married Quinn

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas created the TV show. It ran on CBS from 2005 to 2014. People liked the show’s creative way of telling stories and the performances, especially Neil Patrick Harris’s Emmy-nominated role as Barney Stinson. Barney Stinson changed considerably during How I Met Your Mother, but he should have married Quinn instead of Robin.

At the show’s start, Barney seemed like a womanizer who used more and more complicated plans to get women to like him. Before he met Robin (Cobie Smulders) and fell in love with her, Barney didn’t like the idea of love. But when Quinn came along in HIMYM season 7, he became more open to the idea (Becki Newton).

Barney and Quinn seemed good together for a while and were even engaged for a short time. But HIMYM quickly shifted its focus to Barney and Robin, whose marriage ended in divorce. It’s too bad the show didn’t show more of Barney and Quinn’s relationship, as they were both people who tried to trick others and had similar views on life.

They were both afraid of commitment, which made them a bad match.

Barney’s only love interest on HIMYM, who could both respect his past and put him in his place. He and Quinn were sneaky in getting him to pay for expensive “dates” at The Lusty Leopard. This event was a big reason they broke up, but what she did was the right way to get back at Barney for his horrible treatment of women. They started on shaky ground, but they soon got to know and like each other. Unlike Robin’s previous “Playbook” plan/proposal, Barney didn’t have to use emotional tricks to get her to date him. He should have avoided Quinn because she had lied to him, but she went out of her way to challenge him.

Barney and Quinn were very set in their ways, but they both knew what they did wrong and worked hard to change, as shown by the fact that they needed a prenup. They weren’t the most trusting couple in How I Met Your Mother, but their goals were similar to Barney and Robin’s. The second story went on for too long, despite many signs that she and Ted would eventually get back together.

Each person was afraid of getting close to the other and was hesitant to talk about how they felt. Robin even asked Ted to run away with her on her wedding day. They were willing to make concessions for each other, and Barney respected her independence. Quinn was independent, but she seemed more willing to settle down. She always told Barney where she stood in their relationship.

They got engaged quickly and didn’t consider why their first relationship didn’t work. Quinn’s more positive attitude showed that she was willing to put in the effort to make marriage work over time. On the other hand, Robin always worried that she was doing something wrong with Barney. Maybe Barney and Quinn were too similar, and if they didn’t trust each other. They would have had to work on that. Hemisphere set Barney up to lose Robin, who broke his heart.

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