Here Are 15 Things Jennifer Aniston Does To Look Fit (And Young) At 51

It is more than just fasting and celery juice for the ageless wonder who is set to turn 51 in February. Although she has a crazy work ethic in the gym, her lack of aging is also due to other activities – Jen loves to pamper herself, even spending up to four hours at the spa, but we’ll have more on that a little later. We’ll discuss what she does outside of the gym as well, and that includes anti-aging tactics like hitting up her igloo-shaped sauna alongside Courteney Cox.

Of course, a huge part of her routine is the training and eating aspect; we’ll touch base on what she does in both of those realms, along with so much more.

Here’s what Jennifer Aniston does to look this fit and young at nearly 51 years old:

15.Coffee And Meditation In The Morning

As Aniston discussed with Shape magazine, she must start off the morning with her usual routines. That consists of both a coffee and meditation;

“The morning is my self-care time because it gears me up for the day ahead. For me, that’s meditation, which I do first thing when I wake up before I have my coffee, because if I get out of the room I won’t sit back down. So I’ll start with that to just kind of calm myself before I head out to exercise.”

14.Sauna Post Gym

Jen puts a lot of emphasis on her post-workouts as well – she loves to use the sauna, one she has at her disposal. Jen made the claim with Shape that it helps her overall energy, sleep quality and even her skin.

Friends fans might also be happy to find out that she typically uses it alongside Courteney Cox.

13.Fasted Workouts

She uses this approach on the regular, if not, Jen admitted that she’ll have a small shake, never something too big in the morning. She discussed her routine with Shape;

“Sometimes I do a fasted workout and just have a cup of coffee and then go and work out. You actually have more energy than you expect.”

12.Interval, Full-Body Workouts

Jen loves to switch up her workouts but at the moment, it is interval training that really has her heart. Aniston, alongside her trainer, performs some tough exercises while taking minimal breaks.

Among her interval exercises include the battle ropes, tossing of the medicine ball and some tough bodyweight exercises.


Jen’s the total package, along with interval training, she also does a lot of boxing alongside her trainer, which is another great way to burn some serious calories.

She has a picture alongside her trainer, completely gassed after a session of throwing punches. Aniston is still a beast in her 50s and showing no signs of slowing down.

10.Finding The Proper Training Balance

It isn’t always, go, go and go for Jen in the weights room. As her trainer explains with Women’s Health, they have a well-balanced schedule that caters to Aniston’s busy schedule;

“If I know Jen isn’t filming anything, it’s a different phase than if I know she has something coming up tomorrow. If she’s going to be walking up to receive an award, I’m not going to destroy her legs in the gym the day before.”

9.Has Cheat Meals

Like so many other celebs, Aniston does include cheat meals during the week – it is important to create rewards along the way and Jen has that as a staple of her current routine.

Among her favorite cheat meals is having a nice plate of pasta. She shared a killer pasta carbonara recipe, one everybody should try!

8.Spa Day

Looking that good at 50 takes more than just the gym. Aniston also takes to the spa regularly, it is said that during some sessions, she spends as long as four hours at the spa, getting the full-pampering treatment.

For Jen, hitting the spa is like a cheat meal; it is a must at least once a week.

7.Protein Shakes

Some are afraid to ingest protein due to a fear of bulking up, that’s more dependent on overall calories, remember folks. Jen is well aware and according to her interview with Shape, she’ll enjoy a protein shake in the morning when she isn’t fasting;

“I make a quick shake with protein powder, spinach, maca powder, berries, and vitamin C powder I put in there that’s pretty good.


According to Jen’s yoga instructor, her sessions would usually feature 30 minutes of spinning followed by some deep yoga practices for 40-minutes.

Aniston was high on yoga, attending as many as five-sessions a week at one point. Given that she’s into circuit training nowadays, that has lessened.

5.Smoothie Life

Jen is big on smoothies, whether it be in the morning, mid-day as a snack or at night when the cravings kick in; Aniston loves to go this route on the regular.

Among her current favorite smoothies is celery juice, which seems to be a big trend with other celebs as well, including Kylie Jenner and so many others.

4.Diet Loaded With Healthy Fats

Jen is all about the healthy fats, which takes up most of her diet. In the morning after a workout, she’ll usually have an egg.

A rich fat source, the avocado is also included in Jen’s diet. She’ll usually accompany that alongside a salad and a certain lean protein.

3.Bodyweight Exercises

Along with weights, Jen incorporates lots of bodyweight exercises into her rotation.

Among her favorites, according to her trainer, is the plank, which not only builds the abs but altogether, takes a serious amount of core strength. The medicine ball throw and battle ropes are also among Jen’s top workouts.

2.Fitness Classes

On the regular, Jen loves to take classes as well – she detailed one she recently started attending. Here’s what she told Shape;

“I take the class Taryn Toomey’s The Class, which I am in love with because it’s sort of a fantastic moving meditation. You get your emotions out, you get your psyche cleaned, you get your body sweating-it checks a lot of boxes. So that’s one I’m very into right now.”

1.Keeping Things Fresh

We hear this from a lot of celebs, they like to keep things interesting and change their workout routines up. That’s also the case for Jen, who typically changes her approach on the regular.

As of now, Aniston is fully engaged in interval training. Just prior, yoga was her activity of choice. Keeping things fresh is especially important when it comes to overall longevity.

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