Jennifer Aniston Poses Topless With Hairstylist Chris McMillan

Born in 1969, Jennifer Aniston has been a trailblazer due to her performances on film and television for several decades. Over the course of her career, she has had many highs and continues to impress with her comedic range. The 53-year-old American actress has received multiple accolades in her 36-year career, such as Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, and a nomination for the Critics Choice Award. She is now one of the world’s highest-paid actresses and has a following of 40.6 million on Instagram attesting to her success. Plus, her keen fashion sense has made her a hit with fans around the world!

Celebrating Turning 50

Jennifer Aniston is winning in this stunning black and white photo that shows off her curves and plays to her strengths without revealing anything.

With a body that won’t quit at any age, Jennifer has entered a new era in her career, and still looks as great as she did during her Friends day!

Jen And Her Many Jobs Before Stardom

Can you imagine Jennifer Aniston working as a bike messenger? Well, she lasted only two days! She also worked as an ice cream scooper and a waitress, among other menial jobs. She eventually landed in Hollywood and took a job as a telemarketer before starring in her first role. She’s a Hollywood A-lister now, but she doesn’t regret any of her former lives!

She Is Dyslexic

A few years ago, Aniston shocked fans with her admission that she suffered from dyslexia. She had difficulties as a child and was diagnosed with dyslexia in her 20s. According to Aniston, she claims it’s now a superpower!

She Turned Down ‘Saturday Night Live’ To Star In ‘Friends’

Aniston was offered a spot on Saturday Night Live but she turned down the role to star in Friends. The SNL team thought Aniston was making a big mistake but she proved them all wrong, and to this day, earned one of the highest salaries ever in the history of television! This goes to show that listening to your intuition can pay off and pay off BIG!

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