‘The Big Bang Theory’: Tracking “Shamy’s” Romantic Trajectory (PHOTOS)

Sheldon and Amy’s Relationship Ups and Downs

Weird science, indeed! Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) have shared smooches, I love yous and even a sleepover on The Big Bang Theory. Take a look back at the idiosyncratic couple’s greatest (romantic) hits.

“The Lunar Excitation” (Season 3)

When Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard (Simon Helberg) sign Sheldon up for a dating website without his permission, the last thing anyone expects the socially awkward physicist to find is a real, lasting connection. But when he meets the offbeat neurobiologist in a coffee shop, their chemistry is undeniable. “Mayim was brought on as the female Sheldon,” Parsons says. “She’s evolved, certainly, but we come from the same seed, as it were.”

“The Agreement Dissection” (Season 4)

Sheldon puts on his dancin’ shoes and joins Amy and the girls for a night out. He later follows her home and they get deep over a Yoo-hoo nightcap—until she drunkenly plants one on him. “In some ways, there are things about Amy that are technically on the more masculine spectrum,” Bialik says.

“The Shiny Trinket Maneuver” (Season 5)

Sheldon lands in the doghouse for failing to recognize Amy’s latest scientific accomplishment, so Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) takes him to the jewelry store…where he buys a tiara. “Sheldon and Amy are full of endless possibilities because of how intelligent they are and how abnormal their decision-making processes and desires are,” Parsons says.

“The Locomotion Manipulation” (Season 7)

All aboard! The duo share their first real kiss during a romantic Valentine’s Day train ride. “We did a handful of takes,” Bialik says. “One time he put his hand on my hip and one time he didn’t, but the architecture of the kiss was just Jim’s and my instinct.” Later, in “The Indecision Amalgamation,” there’s more lip-locking ahead as Amy helps Sheldon decide between a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One.

“The Colonization Application” (Season 8)

That’s one shell of a fight! After deciding to buy a pet turtle together, Sheldon tells Amy that he applied to be a colonist on Mars—leading her to question their future. “That was a huge episode,” Bialik says. “Resolving that was a really big deal—emotionally, that was almost bigger than Sheldon saying ‘I love you.’”

“The Fortification Implementation” (Season 8)

Date night turns extra cozy when the pair build a pillow fort in the living room—and Sheldon invites Amy to stay over for the first time. “That will be the moment I most remember, relationship-wise, this season,” Bialik says. “This was the year of Amy realizing just how little needs to be said, so I think it’s sweet that having a sleepover was still its own big deal.”

“The Commitment Determination” (Season 8)

When Sheldon wants to pay more attention to The Flash than to her on their fifth anniversary, Amy decides they need to take a break. “[W]hile you could argue whether or not that singular moment was worth her fighting with him, if you look at it as five years of that and all those little paper cuts adding up, I understand where Amy is coming from,” says showrunner Steve Molaro. But is this really the end for Shamy?

“The Separation Oscillation” (Season 9)

Despite having broken up, Sheldon tries to coax a very reluctant Amy into helping him film an episode of “Fun With Flags.” She refuses, and Sheldon’s episode turns into an insulting segment about their relationship, which he hopes will make her mad enough to want to get back together. “The viewer in me would be shocked if they were apart [for good],” Parsons says. “Everything else can come and go; that relationship is the only thing I would like to see keep progressing from here on out.”

“The Opening Night Excitation” (Season 9)

It’s the “big bang” heard around the world (or maybe just Pasadena) when Amy and Sheldon, after reuniting in “The Earworm Reverberation,” decide to take the biggest step in their relationship: sex! The couple actually go through with, and enjoy, coitus, leading Sheldon to promise their bedroom antics may become an annual event.

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