9 Fan Theories Regarding Ron Weasely From Harry Potter

In comparison to Hermione Granger, Ron was a divisive figure. While many fans admire the second fiddle who is willing to go to any length for his beliefs. Others would rather rethink and reimagine the character in new ways. Or even consider scenarios in which he never existed. There appear to be no shortage of bizarre theories. Ranging from Ron being a young Dumbledore to him being a seer.

What If Ron Was In Slytherin House?

This Redditor believes that Ron should have been sorted into the Slytherin House because his character was both ambitious and pure-blooded. Others think he would have done better at Slytherin House, where he would have had a chance to shine rather than being constantly overshadowed by his brothers or best friend.

What If Ron Didn’t Marry Hermione?

Not only did Hermione’s pairing with Ron annoy some fans, but Rowling herself has stated that she regrets not bringing Harry and Hermione together.

What If Ron Was A Seer?

Another possibility is that Ron Weasley was a seer. In fact, despite the fact that he was always joking around and was a well-known loser when it came to most subjects, he had a knack for making accurate predictions.

What If Ron Was A Time-Traveling Albus Dumbledore?

Since the release of the books, one of the most perplexing theories about Ron has circulated: the youngest Weasley boy was none other than Albus Dumbledore travelling through time. The great wizard had reportedly used a time-turner to help Harry.

What If Ron Was A Secret Death Eater?

Another strange theory about Ron Weasley speculates that the young Weasley was a Death Eater all along. These fans propose that until the Second Wizarding War, Ron had been expertly playing both sides. 

What If Ron Never Came Back?

One of the most touching and thrilling moments in the series occurred in the final instalment, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, when Ron saved Harry from drowning in the freezing lake and simultaneously retrieved the Sword of Gryffindor.

What If Ron Had Died?

Rowling herself had mentioned that she had considered killing off Ron Weasley at one point. In the end, however, the author chose to kill Fred Weasley rather than the core trio.

What if Ron had been chosen?

If Ron had been chosen instead of Harry as the Chosen One. The entire series would have taken on a much stranger tone. Ron would have taken centre stage as the Boy Wizard, not in the shadows of Harry and Hermione.

What If Ron Weasley Didn’t Exist?

A strange concept is proposed that considers what might have happened if Ron Weasley had never existed. It’s not easy to reimagine the Potter stories without one of the main characters, but that’s exactly what these fans do.

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