J.K Rowling said That There Were Two Harry Potters in the Wizarding World

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can’t wait for JKR to give us more trivia and information about the Potter world. As time goes on, she has given us a little more information about the wizarding world. This time, she is back with some more facts for us to enjoy! She has added some new information to Pottermore, which is the digital heart of the wizarding world. JKR has revealed some information about how Harry’s name came to be and some facts about the Potter family. When she wrote this new post, she told us that there are two Harry Potters in the wizarding world.

Yes, you understood that right, there are two Harry Potters. Here are some things to think about before you think about Harry’s twin or someone else using the polyjuice potion to take Harry’s form.

So JKR has told us some interesting things about the Potter family history, like that there was a new character called Henry Potter who was better known as Harry Potter. James Potter’s grandfather, this new person, is his paternal grandfather, and he was the one who made James and Lily name their son Harry. Is this HP still cool?

Even JKR has an answer for us. He tells us that old Harry Potter was part of the Wizengamot (wizard and witches’ judicial court) for three years, from 1913 to 1921. He said that Archer Evermonde, the Minister of Magic at that time, didn’t let wizards help muggles in the first world war because he didn’t want them to do that. This brave act by him caused a lot of fuss in the wizarding world. Also, JKR has revealed that James Potter’s parents died from a disease called dragon pox and that they never did meet their grandson, Harry Potter, who went on to become the most famous wizard in magic.

This new piece of information has made Potterheads very happy because they now know the story of Harry’s ancestors and a loose end has been put together, which makes them even more excited. Many little things make us love this fandom even more because it keeps growing and never gets old! Do you understand what I’m saying? Let’s hope that JK Rowling will keep us all interested by giving us new tidbits of information from time to time. We also hope that something special will happen on the last day of July.

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