Enola Holmes 2 BTS Video Shows Millie Bobby Brown Celebrating Filming Wrap

A new Enola Holmes 2 behind-the-scenes video shows Millie Bobby Brown dancing on set with her co-star to celebrate his filming wrap. The upcoming sequel to 2020’s Enola Holmes sees Brown return as the titular younger sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill. Though no release date has officially been announced, the film is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime this year.

An adaptation of the young adult novels by Nancy Springer, the original Enola Holmes sees the protagonist investigate her mother Eudoria’s (Helena Bonham Carter) sudden disappearance only to get tangled up with Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), a young lord on the run. As she attempts to both find her mother and solve Tewkesbury’s case, her brothers search for her, with the eldest, Mycroft (Sam Claflin), intent on having her taught to behave in the way expected of women of the era. However, by the film’s end, with Enola’s two mysteries solved, an admiring Sherlock chooses to stop trailing her, opening the door for her to become a detective on her own.

Now, Enola Holmes 2 has officially wrapped principal photography, and a tweet from Netflix UK & Ireland celebrates the development with a behind-the-scenes video of Partridge’s last scene. The actor hugs a series of colleagues as the crew applauds, ending up back with his scene partner, Brown, who embraces him with a smile. The hug soon transitions into a quick dance, with the two giving a couple waltz-like steps to pair with their period costumes. Check out the video below:

Enola Holmes 2 brings back much of the original cast, including Cavill’s Sherlock, who himself wrapped filming in November. However, the sequel will also be introducing a few new faces in as yet undisclosed roles, including Dune’s Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Harry Potter’s David Thewlis. Fans will likely be eager to learn just how much of Cavill they can expect this time around, but they can be sure they’ll get plenty of Brown, with this film likely to continue the original’s use of direct-to-camera narration from the protagonist.

The original Enola Holmes elicited a strong response when it released in September 2020, earning praise from critics and becoming one of Netflix’s highest-performing original movies at the time. It’s certainly a testament to Brown’s stardom, as the 17-year-old actor is already capable of not only carrying a film franchise of her own, but producing it as well. Netflix will be hoping they can build off the first film’s momentum to create something audiences want to see a longer series of installments of.

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