Harry Potter: The Horcrux Fan Theory That Changed Everything and Left Everyone Shocked

Both the J.K. Rowling books and the Warner Bros. film series center on a group of young wizards and witches who battle an evil wizard named Voldemort. This franchise has occupied the top spot in the zeitgeist for more than two decades. It is no stranger to major — dare we say, mind-blowing — fan theories. After all, it’s set in a magical world, and it’s told through the eyes of young magicians who don’t yet realize how complex and far-reaching this ancient art can be. Given the scope of the world and lore of the “Harry Potter” books and films, fans must rely on their imaginations to fill in the gaps, which necessitate theorizing.

Horcruxes are a fascinating piece of “Harry Potter” lore. Voldemort, the antagonist, uses them to hide pieces of his soul, effectively making him immortal as long as they are intact. The exact method of containing that piece of soul, however, is unknown, and Rowling has avoided revealing details in interviews. Though she came close in a 2007 interview with “Harry Potter” fan site The Leaky Cauldron.

According to one fan theory, cannibalism is the key to creating a Horcrux.

A 2015 post from u/sirlionel13 on the r/FanTheories subreddit proposed the theory that Horcruxes in “Harry Potter” are created by consuming the blood or flesh of one’s victim. On top of everything else, Voldemort would be a cannibal.

“Throughout history, cannibalism has been linked to gaining strength, power, or health from the dead,” writes the Redditor. “Humans have long believed that eating other humans could benefit them in some way,” says the author. whether it’s to gain the strength of a defeated enemy. Share the metaphysical power of a deceased member of the community, or simply to rid the body of ailments.”

Is the name a coincidence or a sign of something more sinister? It’s hard to say. However, not everyone in this Reddit thread thinks the theory is correct.  Perhaps there is a magical way to commit cannibalism without leaving a trail? It’s impossible to know for sure.

In any case, it’s a fun little theory that gives the “Harry Potter” lore a potentially dark twist. If proven to be true, it would fundamentally alter how fans perceive the physical toll of Voldemort’s mission in the books and films. As well as the psychological impact of destroying such objects.

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