Millie Bobby Brown’s Grey’s Anatomy Episode Explained

Here’s Millie Bobby Brown’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy explained. Stranger Things proved to be a groundbreaking series for Netflix when it debuted in 2016. The ’80s set series played like an homage to everything from Stephen King to Alien and blended many classic sci-fi tropes to tell the story of a group of friends seeking the truth about what happened to their missing pal. Stranger Things was a breakthrough for many of its cast too, including David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown as the mysterious Eleven.

“El” is soon revealed to have psychic powers, and Brown has been a major part of the series since it began. The actor has also used the show to jump off into other major projects. She joined the MonsterVerse with 2019’s Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, and later returned for the sequel Godzilla Vs Kong – and may also return for Godzilla Vs Kong 2. She also earned her own movie franchise with Netflix’s Enola Homles, where she plays the sister of famed detective Sherlock; she will reprise the role for an upcoming sequel.

Millie Bobby Brown had a handful of credits before Stranger Things, including a part on a season 11 episode of Grey’s Anatomy called “I Feel The Earth Move.” This outing sees an earthquake rock Seattle, with Brown playing a young girl called Ruby who calls the hospital looking for help after her mother is injured. Owen picks up the call and most of this story is devoted to them talking over the phone as Owen and Amelia try to diagnose Ruby’s mother’s condition just from the girl’s descriptions. Adding to the tension is the fact Ruby’s phone is running out of battery, and they ask her to perform a risky procedure to help her mother breathe again.

Other key subplots in Grey’s Anatomy (where Sandra Oh originally auditioned for Miranda) see Callie and Maggie treating a 75-year-old woman who wants a risky operation so she can continue with her active sex life. Callie also gets asked out by a handsome radiologist, but initially rejects his offer because she fears it will eventually go bad and she’s afraid to take the risk. Both stories have a happy outcome, as does Millie Bobby Brown’s Ruby. After her mother stops breathing, she’s asked to perform CPR to the rhythm of The Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” and her phone battery dies; it’s later revealed the two were airlifted to the hospital and Ruby’s mom will be fine.

Millie Bobby Brown’s time on Grey’s Anatomy – which has many ending theories – was brief, but it’s all the more impressive that she was able to portray a character that’s mostly only heard on the phone. “I Feel The Earth Move” aired in 2015, and Brown soon landed her role in Stranger Things. While the Ruby subplot is the most affecting of this episode, the main focus is on Meredith being on a streak of successful surgeries since Derek left Seattle, but the episode ends as she calls his phone – only for a mystery woman to answer.

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