Biggest Change in Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets From Book to Film

There is no difference between Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and any other book. In even the most faithful big-screen adaptations, you can’t get every detail of the book or movie you read or saw. It’s up to the seer to decide if the movie didn’t include enough information about some parts of the story. But one can’t deny that the second movie in the Harry Potter series took the series to new heights. Here are the most important changes the movie made to the movie.

Dinner with the Masons was an all-day event

This is how the movie started: The Dursley family was getting ready for dinner with two people who might invest in Uncle Vernon’s business. It was similar to the book’s version of events, like the Dursleys’ well-planned compliments. The famous line of Harry’s “I will be in my room, making no noise and pretending I don’t exist” line. However, this interaction took place in the movie right before the Masons arrived. In the book, it took place at breakfast.

It’s only a small change, but the way Harry’s day was told after that breakfast gave a glimpse into how his life was with the Dursleys. As soon as he left for Hogwarts, he was no longer forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs. His adoptive family still treated him the same way before he left. People didn’t want to talk about magic at the time, and Dudley got very mad when Harry made up magic words for pranks. As a result, Dobby’s request to stay home from Hogwarts seemed even more ridiculous because the magical school was the only place where Harry could get away from the Dursleys’ abuse and get away from the book he had to work on all day.

Knockturn Alley gave hints about the Malfoys’ secrets

Harry’s first trip with Floo Powder goes terrible in the book as it does in the movie. The only difference is that Daniel Radcliffe’s unique pronunciation of “Diagon Alley” is in the movie. If you go to Borgin and Burkes with him, things are very different from when he goes to Flourish and Blotts, though

In the movie, Harry leaves Borgin and Burkes without a fight. In the book, both Lucius and Draco Malfoy go to the Dark artifacts shop before he can leave. The sinister father and son duo had some things that would have linked them to Dark activity if the ministry found them. They were going to Borgin and Burkes to sell them off. Harry waited until they were done with their business and left Borgin and Burkes without any problems. But that wasn’t the end he them again.

Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater have a relationship

Books made Percy Weasley more annoying than the movie did. The book version of him was more annoying than the movie version. His role was very small in the adaptation, which did a lot for him regarding how fans saw him as a character, but it also made him seem uninteresting. He was having an affair with the Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater. In the books, other Weasley brothers noticed that Percy was acting weird during their summer vacation and the school year. Until the end of the story, it’s not clear why he kept it from them.

Penelope was never the book’s main character, but she’s talked about so often that she almost becomes a household name for book fans. In the book, Harry and Ron thought she was a Slytherin after they drank the Polyjuice Potion. And asked for directions to their common room. Penelope, of course, couldn’t help with that. In the basilisk attack that scared Hermione, she was also scared. This is how it worked: Both girls were found petrified. In the movie, Hermione is the only one who gets hurt. It turns out that, except for a greeting she and Percy exchanged with Nearly Headless Nick at the start of the movie, Penelope doesn’t show up.

Sir Nicholas’s Deathday Party Gave Some New Information about Ghosts

Harry made some mistakes when he promised to be at Nearly Headless Nick’s 500th Deathday party as a guest. It was grim, but at least he had Hermione and Ron with him. The ghosts had a very different idea of what was fun and food for a party. The music at the party was said to sound like “thousand nails on a chalkboard,” and the food was all bad. Hermione thought that the food’s state was meant to be this way because the rot would make the food taste better, so the ghosts could at least kind of taste it.

Understandably, this party was cut from the movie because it wasn’t very important to the story’s progress. But it would have given the ghosts of Harry Potter a little more to talk about. We learned that there were customs, organizations, and networks that movie fans didn’t know about. The Deathday Party was a great way to find out about these things! After the party, Harry heard the basilisk move for the first time inside the walls of Hogwarts when he was alone in his room. The heir of Slytherin’s first attack on Mrs. Norris, Argus Filch’s cat, and the declaration that they want to get rid of all Muggle-born students from Hogwarts came next. This happened after that: In the movies, this scene came after Harry spent a long time reading Gilderoy Lockhart’s fan mail.

During the movie, Hermione is much more powerful

If you think Hermione Granger was already known as the “brightest witch of her time,” you’d be right. In the Chamber of Secrets movie, though, she outdid herself. She did some things that made her famous in the books again. Like making the Polyjuice Potion and figuring out what kind of monster Slytherin had. But her abilities went even further. The pixies Lockhart unleashed on the class were too much for him to handle. Hermione stepped in and used a freezing charm to save the day. With one wave of her wand, she stopped every pixie bothering the class. In the books, the same charm only worked on three pixies. She also quickly took care of the rogue Bludger that followed Harry around during his first Quidditch match, which she did very well.

In the movie Chamber of Secrets, Hermione’s skills completely disproved Salazar Slytherin’s ideas. The founder of Hogwarts thought that wizards who came from Muggles were bad. So he left the monster for his descendant to do his evil work. This crusade made no sense. “They haven’t come up with a spell that our Hermione can’t do.”

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