Does the Harry Potter Franchise Need a TV Series?

Harry Potter is a well-known name. The series are classics, and the movies are masterpieces. However, after the books were all used up and the last movie came out in 2011. The Fantastic Beasts movies have kept the brand alive by telling stories that haven’t been told before. As long as those haven’t failed (the Fantastic Beasts 3 trailer just came out), the Harry Potter series could return to its former glory with a new show.

The Dumbledore and Grindelwald story told in Fantastic Beasts might be the most exciting mystery for some people. Harry’s story has been shown on screen, and fans were happy with the ending. They then looked at other things. Still, most Harry Potter fans want to see the generation before Harry: the Marauders.

When Harry got a map of Hogwarts called the Marauders Map, fans learned about them. People in the group called The Marauders were Harry’s father, James Potter, and three of Harry’s best friends. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew were all in the group. Because the books told more about the map, movies had to leave out a lot of why it was important.

On the other hand, Fans know a lot about the Marauders, like how James saved Snape. According to many people, Harry’s mother, Lily Evans, was the one who made James want to be with her for a long time. They finally met at the end of their schooling. At 19 years old, James and Lily got married. Voldemort was beginning to rise to power. As a result of their relationship, it was endearingly antagonistic. This would be a good fit for TV and some things that didn’t fit in the movies.

He was a werewolf, and he was the reason the rest of the Marauders became Animagi, so they could change into animals and back again at any time (even if they largely wasted that ability). Though he was thought to be the group leader, he still took part in the many, many mischiefs and pranks the Marauders were known for during their time at Hogwarts.

The oldest son of a well-known pure-blood Slytherin wizard family, Sirius Black, was also in the original movies. In the end, he was the biggest disappointment for his family. He was sorted into Gryffindor, not Slytherin, which surprised everyone. One of the books revealed that James’ family took in Sirius after he was kicked out as a teen. Because Sirius was Harry’s godfather, he should have been the one to take him in after his parents died. Sirius and James were very close. TV prequels for both of these characters would be fun to watch.

The Marauders era has a lot of interesting people and things that haven’t been seen yet. Then there was Peter Pettigrew, who was often said to be just following The Marauders. He remained part of the group, but his betrayal that led to James and Lily’s deaths is still mostly unknown. It would be exciting to see how Peter got into trouble with Voldemort on-screen. Since the books don’t give a canon answer, creatives would be able to make up their own story about how Peter met Voldemort. Women in school with this group and later in the Original Order of the Phoenix haven’t been talked about.

This time period in the Harry Potter series is open enough to let people think about it and concrete enough to give a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the series.

A TV show would give us more time to learn more about the characters like Star Wars is already doing great success. Some of the subtleties of war could be shown. And the horror of young adults who didn’t live could be demonstrated while new parts of a well-known universe were added. Fans would also get to know these characters. Even though Harry didn’t get to know them as well as he should have.

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