HIMYM: 10 Worst Things Lily Has Ever Done

Nine years is a long time for any show to be on the air. Not only is it a symbol of the show’s success, but the writers start creating all kinds of scenarios. Even on the tapestry of How I Met Your Mother, not every character comes up roses every time and Alyson Hannigan’s character Lily is no different. Even when she’s trying to be the heart of the group, she is also under tremendous pressure and tends to blow a gasket.

Like Marshall, Lily’s intentions are generally pure, she just has zero idea of how to execute some of her more grandiose ideas. Here are 10 of the worst things Lily has ever done on How I Met Your Mother.

Meddled In All Of Ted’s Relationships

Lily is many things if not sentimental for the future where she and Marshall hang on the front porch with Ted and his wife. However, that wife better be Lily-approved. Otherwise, she’ll find all kinds of new and exciting ways to break whoever she is and Ted up long before they get anywhere near an altar.

She even pulled this nonsense on Ted and Robin, because they both wanted different things, the right move but it should have been for them to decide, not because Lily was putting thoughts in their heads.

Aldrin Justice

When you’re a five-year-old kindergartener and you’re not behaving, some teachers (re: Lily) might take your toys away to teach you a lesson. While that might be a good idea for a five-year-old, it’s probably not a great idea to pull on you and your best friend’s 45-year-old boss.

But that’s Lily, stealing Hammond Druthers’ prized Pete Rose autographed ball because he wasn’t being nice. The brazen move nearly cost Ted his career.

Mountains Of Debt

Most people have tons of debt. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you’re young and you get credit cards and you love to shop. But we don’t always hide the fact that we’re drowning in plastic from our spouses.

Not only does she not tell Marshall, but when they try to get a mortgage loan and are denied, he blames his student loans – and she still doesn’t come clean right away! Then she offers to get a divorce (on paper) so Marshall can be approved for the loan.

Birthday Shenanigans

The show is all about Ted’s grand quest to find his future wife and mother, right? It’s the title of the entire show, isn’t it? It’s not called Marshall and Lilypad, no matter how much Lily might want it to be.

Whether or not Ted should being every single girl around to major events for the group is debatable, but Lily chastising Ted for ruining a birthday picture every year is a little off base, especially when anyone of them could have been the one and there was a point in time that Ted asked Lily to be a picture when no one knew her and Marshall’s future either.

Turns Choosing Godparents Into A Game

When baby Marvin was born, instead of being responsible and choosing godparents the proper way, Marshall and Lily put their friends against one another in a rousing game of “Who Wants To Be A Godparent?”

All of this, plus not allowing the gang to talk to them about any or their problems unless it’s “an eight or higher.” Not only was it a poor episode, it was a poor way to treat not one, but three “ride or dies.”

Nearly Ruins Christmas

When Lily left Marshall for California, not only did she bail on the love of her life, but she bailed on her best friend too, and left him to pick up the pieces. In one of the days where Marshall was feeling particular down, Ted gave him a call, and left a message, referring to her as a Grinch (which wasn’t the real word he used).

As Lily tried to make Ted feel guilty for trying to get Marshall back on his feet, she also decided it would be a good idea to take just all of the Christmas decorations, nearly robbing the entire group of Christmas, exactly like a Grinch would do.

Convinces Marshall To Go To Italy

During Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, Marshall gets the news he’s been waiting his whole life for – he’s been asked to be a judge. Seeing as Lily already talking him into spending a year in Italy, it’s easy to understand why he wanted to talk to her in person about it.

Instead of providing any rational rationale as to why they should move to Italy, she decides to up and leave Marshall and head to the Captain’s house. Even after realizing she’s pregnant, she still persists to get what she wants.

Looks For A Questionable Pediatrician

Lily and Marshall had been looking for a great pediatrician for their first born, Marvin. Lily seems to think she found in in Dr. Sonya.

But that’s only because Sonya’s a quack and recommends that she can have “just a little bit” or just a little bit of everything that could actually be dangerous to the baby. Even after Marshall and Ted express their concerns, she shames them both into letting her keep Sonya on the payroll.

Tries To Run Off To Spain

Marshall has forgiven and supported Lily at nearly every turn. He’s accepted that she ran up a ton of debt and forgiven that she bailed on him. Feeling like he’d never have a chance at being an Environmental Lawyer, he quit his job at GNB and started volunteering for an environmental group.

At first, Lily at least tried to be supportive, then she couldn’t handle what might a big hardship on them and got herself ready to head to Paris and leave Marshall, again.

Left Marshall To Go To California

A lot of people experience pre-wedding jitters, but they don’t necessarily up and end the relationship and leave across the country. Unless your name is Lily.

She can’t stand the thought that she might never be an artist and instead of finding a program close to home, she selfishly finds a school halfway across the world, crumbling Marshall to pieces when she decides to leave.

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