How I Met Your Mother: 10 Reasons Why Lily & Robin Aren’t Real Friends

The How I Met Your Mother gang is an extremely beloved one. The characters on the show all have such great chemistry and truly seem like the best of friends, which is what made How I Met Your Mother so loved by fans in the first place.

Robin and Lily are definitely a fan-favorite pair, they add a great dynamic to the group and are individually really likable. However, their friendship does have some questionable moments such as Lily betting against Robin’s relationship and Robin hating whenever Lily talks about babies. Keep reading to find out the 10 reasons why Lily and Robin aren’t real friends.

Lily Bets Against Robin’s Relationship

Lily and Marshall are known for placing bets on their friends and they even bet on Robin and Ted’s relationship. Lily bet Marshall that Ted and Robin would break up, which definitely isn’t a great friend moment for Lily. Not only does Lily lack faith in her best friend’s relationship, but she’s even hoping that they will break up so she can win a bet.

Lily knows full well how much Ted and Robin care about each other, so of course, their breakup would be devastating, but Lily only cares about her bet.

Robin Hates When Lily Talks About Babies

Having a baby is something that becomes increasingly important to Lily as the series progresses, but Robin isn’t exactly supportive. For instance, Robin finds it extremely annoying when Lily begins to talk more and more about babies. Robin slowly stops hanging out with Lily because of it and starts doing things that she would typically do with Lily on her own.

It’s pretty strange that Robin doesn’t just come clean and tell Lily that her baby-talk is starting to annoy her, instead she hides her frustrations until it turns into a fight.

Lily Thinks Robin Is Going To Dump Her

This is the aftermath of Lily talking about babies just a bit too much around Robin. Lily can feel Robin distancing herself and fears that she’s going to lose Robin as a friend. Honestly, this entire situation is pretty ridiculous. Their friendship must not be very strong if it can be broken by Robin getting irritated by a little too much baby-talk.

It’s later found out that Robin had previously lost a friendship over an old friend having a baby and not having time for Robin anymore, but this isn’t really an excuse. Robin and Lily had been friends for a while at this point, and should have easily overcome this issue.

Robin Doesn’t Want Lily To Move To The Suburbs

Maybe this is just Robin not wanting to lose her close friends, but it’s also an example of how selfish Robin can be. Robin is very independent and doesn’t like feeling tied down, and yet she basically wanted to tie down Lily. Robin was upset when she found out that Lily and Marshall were moving to the suburbs, which seems a little out of character for her.

Lily was excited about this new chapter in her life, and it would have made sense for Robin to be supportive and happy for her, but instead, she locked herself in a bathroom, sulked, and thought about herself.

Robin and Lily Have Terrible Communication

These two pretty much never come to each other to talk out their problems. They’ll go to every person in the gang for advice before they talk to one another. It seems pretty weird that they walk on eggshells around each other like this considering how good of friends they’re supposed to be.

For instance, when Lily and Marshall invite Barney and Robin over for a couples night, Robin and Barney have a terrible time. They lie to Lily and Marshall and say they had fun and then complain to Ted about it later.

Lily Breaks Up Ted and Robin

This is a bad one. Everyone knows that Lily likes to meddle in her friends’ relationships, but this time she crosses a line. Lily used her “Front Porch Test” to decide for herself if Robin and Ted belong together. This is where she pictures herself and Marshall in their old age spending time with another couple.

When she decides that it can’t be Ted and Robin, she actively works to break them up by planting ideas in their minds and dropping hints to each of them. This is really shady of Lily and definitely not something a friend would do.

Lily Makes Robin Compete To Be A Godparent

This whole episode is pretty confusing. Throughout the series, it’s a theme that Robin just doesn’t like kids, so it would make sense for her to not be Marvin’s godparent. Oddly enough, there’s an entire episode dedicated to Lily forcing her friends, including Robin, to compete for this title – in game show format.

Robin had to have known that it would make more sense for Ted to be Marvin’s godparent and Lily and Robin should have just had a conversation about it. It also doesn’t make sense that Barney wanted to be Marvin’s godparent, but that’s a topic for another time.

Lily Encourages Barney To Go For Robin

Lily spends quite a bit of time talking Barney up, encouraging him to go for Robin. Honestly, this just doesn’t make sense. Lily has always thought Barney was creepy, so why would she want him to be with her best friend? Granted, Barney has had positive character development, but that’s not really enough.

Lily has seen first hand how bad Barney was for Robin, so it’s strange that she continually encourages this relationship if it’s not ultimately what’s best for her friend. At the end of the day, it boils down to Lily’s “Front Porch Test,” which is pretty selfish.

Lily Is Overbearing

Remember that one time Lily locked Robin and Barney in a room and forced them to define their relationship? That was pretty crazy on Lily’s part, and this is just one example of how Lily can be way too overbearing with Robin. It’s pretty strange that Robin would even put up with a friend like this considering how independent she is.

It’s also ridiculous that Lily thinks she gets to decide how and when Robin makes decisions about her personal relationships. The craziest part? Marshall goes along with it all and uses his whip.

Lily Leaves The Group

When Lily leaves for San Francisco it seems as though she’s cutting the entire group off. While her move definitely hurt Marshall the most, it also showed that she and Robin couldn’t have been that great of friends. They didn’t really stay in touch after Lily moved, and when Lily comes back into town for the first time she just watches the gang from afar.

It definitely would have made more sense if Lily and Robin had some form of communication during this move, and then Robin would have known when Lily would be back in town, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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