Jennifer Aniston finding to date someone with her ‘ridiculously high standards’

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly looking for “the right guy” to date and eventually settle down with five years after parting ways with ex-husband Justin Theroux.

An insider told Closer Magazine that the Friends alum have “ridiculously high standards” when it comes to find someone to date.

“Jen is independent, has amazing friends and high standards when it comes to men – but she does get lonely, and she’s starting to really want to settle down,” the source said.

“She’s still quite old-fashioned when it comes to putting herself out there. It would be a huge shift in strategy for Jen to sign up to a dating app or take a chance on someone who didn’t come with the seal of approval from her closest friends.

“She’s thinking she maybe needs to change what she’s doing or stop having such ridiculously high standards to find someone to be with.”

Aniston was married to Brad Pitt for five years from 2000 to 2005 and later tied the knot to the Mulholland Drive star, with whom she parted ways in 2017 just two years after their marriage.

For her future beau, the Hollywood diva “wants a guy who’s funny, successful, unaffected by her fame level, and handsome,” the insider shared.

“She is picky and willing to wait, but it does get lonely at times, especially with so many of her friends all settled down and her having to third wheel on vacations and dinner dates.”

Before concluding, the source shared that Aniston is still “confident deep down that she’ll find the right guy eventually – and not before too long either!”

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