10 Things About Harry Potter That Haven’t Aged Well

Despite the fact that the core series ended a decade ago, the Harry Potter franchise continues to be popular. The Golden Trio (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) are responsible for much of the franchise’s success.

Attacking Neville

In the final scene of Sorcerer’s Stone, Neville attempted to stop the trio from leaving the dorm room. So that Gryffindor would not lose points. Hermione, on the other hand, terrified him, as Ron and Harry both agreed. It was “for Neville’s own good,” according to Ron.

Harry’s Favoritism Toward Ron and Hermione Over Crookshanks

Much of the trio’s bad behaviour was dismissed as teen immaturity when the books first came out. This includes Ron and Hermione’s despicable behaviour during the Crookshanks-Scabbers incident.

Their Constant Rulebreaking

They broke school rules in each of these instances in order to get their way. Which they justified by claiming was for the betterment of Hogwarts.

Their Affirmation Of Marietta Edgecombe’s Curse

Fans were too preoccupied with the Ministry’s injustice to consider other injustices when the Order of the Phoenix book first came out. Marietta Edgecombe informed the Ministry about Dumbledore’s Army, resulting in Hermione’s “SNEAK” jinx remaining on her face indefinitely.

Their Proclivity for venting their frustrations on one another

When one of the three was in a bad mood, they would lash out at the other, which the other two would accept without question. 

Their Disregard For Collateral Damage

Looking back over the years, however, it is clear that the trio had a disregard for collateral damage, resulting in many people being injured.

Their Entitled Mentality Toward Problem Solving

Because Harry is the main character, fans often believe that it is his right to be involved in every conflict. However, a closer examination of the situation since then has revealed that the trio enjoyed poking their noses into facts that didn’t concern them.

Most of the blame is placed on Snape.

While the three friends were partially correct about cowards like Malfoy. They had a bad habit of blaming Snape for everything that went wrong. Of course, due to the revelation that Snape was always a protagonist. Without whose protection the trio would have perished, this has aged horribly.

Their Disregard For Moaning Myrtle’s Feelings

Moaning Myrtle was a comedic relief character in the Harry Potter series. Her predicament was exacerbated by the fact that Harry and Ron were known to enjoy her antics.

Their Habit Of Falling Into Stereotypical Roles

There was less awareness of stereotypes when the Harry Potter series was active. Especially since it wasn’t her job and she was already doing the majority of the work in the hunt for Horcruxes.

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