This Harry Potter wedding went out already, and it’s stunning.

When it comes to themed weddings, there’s a narrow line between a fully developed concept and going overboard. However, this Harry Potter wedding at Parque at Ridley Creek in Newtown beautifully walks the line, incorporating whimsical moments and elements from the popular books into an elegant October event. Photography by Brea captured the joy in the photographs below.

Cory Waddell and Lawrence Mallard are both fitness and weightlifting enthusiasts, so a gym makes sense as the setting for their first date — mainly because they both worked long shifts and were frequently seen at their local gym each time night.

“After a few months of being the only two at the gym, awkward ‘Should I say Hi now?’ glances, and clear similar interests, I was the one to break the ice,” Cory says, noting that Lawrence would greet everyone except her when she walked in. Cory invited him to a group hangout with a few of her friends, and he quickly proved to be humorous and snarky and honest and sweet. Lawrence, for one, was initially terrified by Cory’s heavy lifting but promptly found that Cory “was a charming and sensitive person on the inside.”

They ended up dating for two years. Cory exclaims, “Getting that gym membership was the finest decision I ever made!”

The pair gave themselves a trip to Universal Studios to celebrate Cory and Lawrence’s golden birthdays (she turned 27 on the 27th, and he turned 30 on the 30th). “I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I’ll take any excuse to visit Harry Potter World in Orlando,” Cory adds. “We were the first persons in the park on the third day.” I was so excited that I was practically rushing back to Hogsmeade to take shots of everything that wasn’t crowded. I persuaded Lawrence to grab us Butterbeers and pose for a picture in front of the castle.”

Cory asked a park employee to take the photo, but Lawrence demanded another when she returned to her phone.

“I started crying right away.” “I was perplexed, but I couldn’t say no,” Cory laughs. “So Lawrence got down on one knee, and we stood back near the castle.”

It was the ideal Harry Potter fan proposal for one of the biggest Harry Potter fans.

Cory and Lawrence held their Harry Potter wedding a year and a half later. The couple transformed Parque at Ridley Creek into the Great Hall at Hogwarts. For a night with the help of Papertini. Event Design and a committed team of vendors, complete with floating candles. Guests sipped wizarding mocktails and cocktails titled Cornish Pixie, Amortentia, Butterbeer, Felix Felicis, and Veritaserum at beautifully decorated tables. After finding their seats via wizarding wand escort cards on a Sorting Hat display. Cory made Chocolate Frogs that went into a box with a Chocolate Frog card featuring her and Lawrence in the spirit of the Harry Potter books. And the couple’s sweetheart table had a Gryffindor banner. Cory’s bridesmaids carried Harry Potter books instead of bouquets, and the couple’s officiant wore Head of House robes.

Cory surprised Lawrence with a video of his friends and family telling him how much they love him. And playing a pre-recorded prayer from Lawrence’s late friend Scottee.

The couple’s first dance was to Coldplay’s “Sparks,” They later honeymooned in Japan. They currently reside in Bel Air, Maryland, where Cory runs “Cooking Made Weasley,”. A cooking school dedicated to helping home chefs improve their talents. While Lawrence works as a chef.

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