Why Ginny Weasley is disliked by Harry Potter fans (and why it’s unjust)

Ginny Weasley, despite being Harry Potter’s main romantic interest and eventual wife, is disliked by some Harry Potter fans. She is not as despised as Voldermort or more morally grey characters like Severus Snape, but a sense of dislike and skepticism has lingered over her character for years. And more to do with the creative decisions behind her character.

Ginny first appeared in the Harry Potter universe in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Ginny’s story is told throughout the rest of the franchise. With her being kidnapped by Voldermort and growing up alongside Harry and his friends. She eventually assists Voldermort in his fight and ends the series married to the Boy Who Lived.

Ginny Weasley Is a Letdown in the Harry Potter Films

Ginny’s film adaptation is one of the most contentious issues among fans. Many people believe that the film series obliterated Ginny’s essence, and they have a point. Ginny has personality in the books; she is fiery and passionate, keeps up with her brothers’ antics, and can take as much as she can give. Though she begins as a timid character, she matures into a strong woman who aids Harry in his years-long quest to defeat Voldermort.

Relationship of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

Ginny’s relationship with Harry is another reason why fans dislike her character. Some trust she should not have ended up with him for a variety of reasons. Some believe Harry should have ended up with Cho, Hermione, or even Luna because he had more chemistry with them. Even those who accept Ginny and Harry’s relationship believe it arose from nowhere, at least on Harry’s end. Harry showing little interest in Ginny until the end of the series. There’s also the issue of Ginny being the little sister of Harry’s best friend. Which is a no-no for most people.

Is Ginny Weasley Deserving of the Negativity She Is Surrounded By?

Though, the areas where Ginny’s character has received the most criticism from fans appear to be somewhat justifie. These issues are not the fault of Ginny, her character, or her personality. And they aren’t enough to justify the dislike and hatred that seems to surround her. Ginny is a good, well-rounded supporting character overall. She is sweet, funny, and devoted to Harry and her family. She is a true Gryffindor, full of courage and bravery.

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