7 Harry Potter Characters Who Almost Belong in a Distinct House

Several characters in the Harry Potter universe came close to supporting entirely another house throughout their Hogwarts years.

The Harry Potter series is full of enticing characters and settings that have helped it become the most successful franchise of all time. Still, nothing has captivated millions like Hogwarts’ sheer enchantment. The wizarding school is the backdrop for most of the main tale, and it has become essential for all fans to participate by classifying themselves into one of the four separate houses.

Harry was a great candidate for Slytherin because of his strong leadership and determination.

Harry was a fearless individual who never hesitated to put others ahead of himself and assist them whenever possible. He was a great Gryffindor student because of his intrinsic strength and loyalty, but the Sorting Hat seemed to think he could have done well in Slytherin or maybe Ravenclaw. From Quidditch to the battle against Voldemort, Harry’s leadership, determination, and “disregard for the rules” were three Slytherin attributes that he consistently applied to each task before him.

During his adolescence, Harry used his various skills to defeat a Basilisk, win the Triwizard Tournament, lead a teenage revolution, and preserve the wizarding world. He was able to form his own family and continue safeguarding witches and wizards from the Dark Arts after eleven years of abuse and seven years of magic and conflict.

Hermione’s academic pursuits would have qualified her as a Ravenclaw.

Hermione was known as the brightest witch of her generation, excelling in all fields of magic and easily outperforming even older students in every Hogwarts course. She obtained 10 OWLs while in school and then became Minister of Magic after the war. Like Harry’s mother, Lily Evans, Hermione demonstrated that being Muggle-born did not limit her magical abilities but provided her with a greater understanding of the wizarding world and its flaws.

Hermione admitted in Order of the Phoenix that the Sorting Hat debated between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for four minutes before deciding on the former. Her academic ambitions and love of learning would have made her a great Ravenclaw, but it was her fearlessness, short temper, and nerve that landed her in Gryffindor with her best pals.

McGonagall’s sharp mind and intelligence matched Ravenclaw’s values well.

Professor McGonagall’s most competent witches of her time were noted for her bravery, severe manner, and passion for Quidditch. She was well-liked by both her contemporaries and students, and her no-nonsense demeanor gained her the position of Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts. In addition to teaching Transfiguration, McGonagall was the Head of Gryffindor, having been sorted into the house sometime in the late 1800s.
McGonagall was a hat stall owner as well. Given her knowledge and talent, the Sorting Hat seriously considered placing her in Ravenclaw for nearly five minutes but ultimately sorted her into Gryffindor. Her unflinching bravery and loyalty throughout her life ultimately proved the Hat correct.

Neville wanted to be a Hufflepuff because he was worried about Gryffindor’s reputation.

Neville was raised under his grandmother’s strict and demanding guidance, which made him far more shy and clumsy than he would have been otherwise. Fearful of being sorted into Gryffindor and failing to live up to its reputation, Neville went for Hogwarts with the shadows of his famous and accomplished parents looming over him. He, like Harry, requested that the Sorting Hat place him in another house, ideally Hufflepuff, but the Hat was adamant and assigned him to Gryffindor.

Neville grew more confident in himself and his abilities over time, eventually leading during the second wizarding war Dumbledore’s Army with Ginny and Luna. He worked as an Auror after leaving school before accepting a position as a Herbology professor at Hogwarts and subsequently becoming Head of Gryffindor.

Peter Pettigrew’s ability to survive could have landed him in Slytherin.


Peter Pettigrew, one of Harry Potter’s most reviled characters, enrolled at Hogwarts in 1971 after being sorted into Gryffindor. Peter was one of two known hat stalls, pupils whose sorting took longer than five minutes. His timidity and frailty made him a poor Gryffindor, but his self-preservation instincts would have made him a decent Slytherin.
Even years after betraying Harry’s parents, the Sorting Hat insisted that he made the proper choice, referring to Pettigrew’s potential. Wormtail perished by his hand in Malfoy Manor after returning to Voldemort, assisting in his rebirth, and nearly killing Harry many times.

Flitwick’s tenacity and loyalty nearly got him into Gryffindor.


Flitwick was noted for his excellent intellectual and dueling talents, as well as his benevolence for his students. He began his first year at Hogwarts by being sorted into Ravenclaw, the house he would subsequently manage during his professorship, sometime in the early twentieth century. The Sorting Hat pondered putting Harry in Gryffindor because of his bravery and chivalry, qualities he would demonstrate during the Battle of Hogwarts as he fought the Death Eaters.

Flitwick, a half-goblin wizard, taught Charms and oversaw the Hogwarts frog chorus, which was featured in the film production of Prisoner of Azkaban. Flitwick continued to educate new generations of Hogwarts students, including the Golden Trio’s children, after bravely assisting in the defeat of Voldemort during the war.

Resilience and Ambition Made Lockhart A Model. Slytherin

Dumbledore replaced Quirrell, who died during Harry’s first year, with the only man who would take the job – a famous author named Gilderoy Lockhart. Lockhart, a supposedly competent wizard with an Order of Merlin to his name, was at best a mediocre Defense professor and at worst a dreadful, untrained one. Most male classmates despised him because he was self-obsessed, vain, and insensitive.

Lockhart was almost sorted into Slytherin in 1975 due to his ingenuity and ambition, but after consulting the Sorting Hat, he was placed in Ravenclaw due to his wits and competitiveness. These characteristics would subsequently be used to build his reputation as a Dark creature-slayer before being exposed as a phony in Chamber of Secrets.

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