Lisa Kudrow reveals the major insult her son gave her over Friends (and she’s still not over it!)

Diehard fans of the long-running sitcom Friends are always shocked to learn when their friends and family haven’t binged the series, but for many people who haven’t seen it, it might seem overrated. Because of its major popularity, it’s not surprising that there are some who feel suspicious about its quality. But you might be surprised that one person who was shocked to learn Friends is “actually” funny would be one of the cast member’s kids!

Lisa Kudrow, who played the one and only Phoebe Buffay for all 10 seasons of Friends, stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about the documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?, which she executive produces. But of course, no interview with a cast member of Friends is complete without asking at least one question about the good old Central Perk days.

Why Lisa Kudrow was insulted over her son’s review of Friends

When Kudrow mentioned that her son started watching her HBO comedy The Comeback from the early 2000s, it didn’t take Meyers long to ask if he had watched Friends. And boy, did Kudrow have an answer.

According to the 58-year-old actress, her son — who is now 24 years old — had started watching Friends while in school, but she didn’t love his reaction to it. Apparently, he told his mother that he thought it was “actually funny,” nothing that, “the guys are so funny.”

Of course, this insulted Kudrow, but her son was quick to add: “No, I mean, you’re funny, too.”

While recalling the situation to Meyers, it’s obvious Kudrow is still butt-hurt about it, remembering, “And never in my life have I wanted to tell my own kid, like, ‘F**k you!’” Yikes. Meyers laughed over the story and made a joke before moving on to the next subject.

Watch the full interview with Lisa Kudrow below!

Kudrow can laugh it off now, but we’re sure that wasn’t a fun conversation for her to have!

In need of a Friends binge? You can watch all 10 seasons right now on HBO Max.

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