Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Evolution Proves She’s Never Had a Bad Hair Day in Her Life

Picture Jennifer Aniston, and you’ll likely envision her with one of two hairstyles: perfectly highlighted long layers, or that famous Friends bob from the mid-‘90s (which—gasp—apparently she never liked). Both are iconic, and for good reason. But over the years, Jennifer Aniston has had other hairstyles—in fact, she’s experimented with her hair much more than she generally gets credit for. (Which could also be the reason she’s part owner in a hair care brand.) From bangs to spiral curls and messy buns to tiny bows, here are 30 of the most notable styles the actress tried on en route to her signature golden blowout.

Early 1993

Pre-Friends, Aniston had wavy dark-brown hair with wispy bangs.

Early 1995

As she rose to fame on the sitcom, her blond-streaked shag grew just as popular among fans, who requested “The Rachel” (named for Aniston’s character) at salons. (Hailey Baldwin, coincidentally, just brought it back.)

June 1995

It helped that Aniston made the swingy layered cut look every bit as adorable in real life.

April 1998

Another oh-so-’90s Aniston-hair throwback: tiny twists and bows and wisps at The Object of My Affection premiere.

April 1998

As The Rachel grew out, the actress also played with new textures, like these very Save the Last Dance-like spiral curls…

April 1998

…followed by some wet-look twists at the first VH1 Divas Live concert.

September 1999

She famously rocked dreads at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1999—something that’d likely be received much differently today.

March 2000

Out with the ‘90s, in with the sleek. Chest-length flat-ironed extensions (paired with a plunging neckline) helped Aniston make a dramatic entrance at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

January 2001

Surprise! Just as straight but much shorter: Aniston showed off a super-blunt bob at the People’s Choice Awards.

January 2002

In an uncharacteristically Parisian moment, Aniston paired a black blazer with a sexy French twist at the Golden Globes.

January 2003

At that year’s People’s Choice Awards, she went for a center part with big, voluminous waves—plus a very early ombré adaptation.

March 2003

By the end of Friends’ run, “The Rachel” had fully evolved into these longer, less voluminous layers.

February 2004

You recognize these bangs. I recognize these bangs. Like all of us, Aniston flirted with some sideswept bangs for the Along Came Polly premiere.

February 2004

The uncharacteristic low, off-center updo she wore to the British premiere of Along Came Polly made her an unexpected Amy Adams doppelgänger.

March 2006

Eventually, though, she always gravitates back to super-simple and pretty, like this lovely side-tuck for the Academy Awards.

June 2007

The definition of hair flirting: this beachy-sexy texture—complete with over-the-shoulder gaze.

December 2008

Around this time, Aniston became the unofficial queen of blond highlight goals.

February 2009

She mixed up hair down with a sweet accent braid at the Academy Awards.

May 2011

This was the year Aniston briefly yet memorably rocked a versatile pale blond lob styled both tousled…

June 2011

…and straight.

January 2012

After that, she recommitted to her signature long, straight blowout with face-framing layers.

February 2013

She even wore it unembellished to the Oscars.

June 2013

Time for a change: a very cool diagonal-part pony with a face-framing front section left loose.

June 2013

And another! At the Guys Choice Awards, Aniston turned heads with an edgy asymmetrical style involving a tight reverse French braid on one side.

November 2014

We never get bored of Aniston’s default long layers—we’re just reminded of how perfect this haircut really is.

January 2015

Behold, another rare updo sighting, this time a snug bun at the Golden Globes.

January 2015

By the SAG Awards, it was back to the loose layers—a little wavy this time.

February 2016

Aniston had a cheerleader moment wearing a high ponytail complete with black ribbon at the Zoolander 2 premiere.

July 2016

Her ballerina bun with center-parted front sections is so chic we’re left wondering why Aniston doesn’t wear her hair up more often. Although with hair that gorgeous, we’d rarely pull ours back either.

October 2016

jennifer-aniston-hair.gif (1080×1080)
A lesson to us all: Play with your hair, but own your signature style.


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